“Hire is such a close-knit community – I was afraid I might lose some of that working at Point of Rental. It’s turned out to be great on the other side of the software; I’m able to provide beneficial solutions to several hire businesses each week.”
– Ian Young (UK)
Account Manager

We value hire experts.

(and hire elites and essentials, too.)

We pride ourselves on being the software company with the most in-store experience. We’re looking for people like you to join us to help shape the future of hire software.

Why are we looking for you, specifically?

Like Liam Neeson in Taken, you have a very particular set of skills. As someone who has spent time in the hire industry, you’ve learned the lingo. You’ve seen the problems that our partners are handling on a day-to-day basis. You know what you’re doing.

And those skills give you an insight into what Point of Rental is doing and how we benefit hire businesses worldwide. As a Pointer, it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to in this industry – your expertise reflects our commitment to providing them the best possible hire software experience.

You don’t settle for doing the bare minimum for your customers, and neither do we. Let’s see what we can do together.

“Working for Point of Rental has allowed me to avoid the day-to-day chaos of the hire counter. And I still get to train and guide fellow hire people all around the country.”
– Lynne Law (US)

Implementation Specialist

“You don’t have to kill yourself in the heat and work crazy long hours at Point of Rental.”

– Mark Jordan (US)

Account Executive

You can really get beyond the operational day-to-day and think more widely about ‘what if’ and ‘what could be’ and help make that a reality in the software.”

– Pat Lawlor (UK)

Global Implementation

If you’ve got the right hire knowledge + attitude, we’ll find a place for you.
With five worldwide offices and remote work opportunities,
we’ll get you where you want to be.

Why is Point of Rental a great place for hire experts?

Flexible Scheduling

A lot of our work can be taken care of in the office, at home, or on customer sites. Pointers appreciate the ability to work a schedule that fits them.

Hire Knowledge

At Point of Rental, you’ll be working with hire people in our office and throughout the industry – you’ll get to use the knowledge you’ve gained so far.

Purpose-Oriented Work

We’ll provide you with daily opportunities to see that your work means something to the people around you. 

Growth Opportunities

You’re not going to get pigeonholed into a role here; we want you to grow as a leader and as a person and we’ll work with you to help you do it.

Bring us your best.
We’ll make your best better.

Ready to apply?

Point of Rental Software is a privately-held corporation with 35+ years of creating, selling, and supporting hire management applications for single and multi-location event, equipment, and general hire stores. Join us and reward yourself with the career you’ve dreamed about! You’ll be proud to work with industry leaders, serving thousands of users throughout the world.

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