There is a sense of community that resonates within Point of Rental Software. From a family-oriented work environment to outstanding customer support, it is easy to recognize how much our company believes that people matter. This is the driving force that inspires us to create software that continuously makes our customers’ lives easier. We then asked ourselves, “Why not share that attitude with every business in our office building?”

Point of Rental software gives out encouraging notes to their work community

That question sparked Dared to Love Week, a week-long event that transforms ideas for displaying acts of kindness into opportunities to make real connections with people in any environment. It is one of three events in a project called Because You’re Loved, adopted from the Pais Movement non-profit organization. Because You’re Loved shows people that they are genuinely loved and is effective in businesses, communities, and schools on six different continents.

Point of Rental Software gives free clothes, books, and movies to their community

Dared to Love challenged the Point of Rental Team to intentionally show others in our community encouragement, service, compassion, invitation, and generosity throughout the entire week. We did not know what to expect, but what happened was far more than what could have been imagined. To say it was a success would be an understatement. Every company in the complex was reached. Relationships were formed. Individuals were affected and those who needed it the most shared their stories with us. The amount of faces that instantly brightened after receiving an encouraging note, an offer to serve them, or even a gift from a Point of Rental employee was remarkable.

Point of Rental Software community has personal conversations with employees of other businesses in complex

Many asked, why would you do this for me? The answer is quite simple. People matter. We work diligently every day for different businesses, in different offices. We step on elevators, walk down halls, and eat in breakrooms as if we are in different worlds. How much more delightful and efficient would our careers be if instead of different worlds, we were a community that shared a positive attitude that began from the time the building opened until the time everyone left for the day? Imagine the impact that would have on customers, families, and surrounding neighborhoods. That culture is possible and Point of Rental wants to help make it happen.