Point of Rental’s International Conference has always been a unique opportunity to give our customers a few things on their wish lists: Intensive software refreshers, one-on-one time with trainers to solve their problems, and the opportunity to meet with other owners from around the country (and now world) to talk rental.

The 2017 International Conference was no different. More than 200 business owners, managers, counter people, accountants, and any other type of rental expert you can think of converged in Fort Worth for three days of learning and camaraderie.

“This is my third one, and one of the things that brings us back is not only the knowledge we obtain here, but also the networking,” said Big 4 Party Rental’s Rob Roberts. “We learn as much from our partners and our competitors as we do from the Point of Rental trainers themselves.”

With that in mind, here are four takeaways from the 2017 International Conference:

  1. 2017’s new features are awesome.

    Instead of a rental tour this year, Wednesday afternoon was spent at the Point of Rental offices, with small groups getting to interact more with new and award-winning features like Inspection App, Mobile Workforce, and Contract Fulfillment. Users got to try out each feature, ask questions, and see them answered by a trainer.

  2. The Genius Bar is…genius.

    After a successful run at 2016’s conference, our Genius Bar, which provides one-on-one consultations with our trainers, was again a hit. Individualized learning? Who could’ve predicted that would be successful?

  3. uInnovate is going to have a big impact.

    uInnovate, our recently-released project prioritization tool, had a soft release at the International Conference, where customers were excited about the project. “There’s been a lot of great suggestions,” said CHI Companies’ Joe Evans. “If those can get implemented, I think everybody will see it as a win.”

  4. The people are the best.

    Jonas Hutchison from Party Reflections, making his third trip to the International Conference, summed it up: “I haven’t been in a couple of years, I’ve let some other folks get involved, and I just missed it. I enjoy seeing people, putting faces to names, and the number one thing for me is that you learn some things that you forgot that create value in the system.”

The International Conference wouldn’t be what it is without our sponsors. Thank you to Platinum sponsors Rouse AnalyticsCayanTSO Mobile and RentalHosting.com; Gold sponsors In-A-Bind and AP Equipment Financing; and Silver sponsors Positek RFID.

Thanks to everyone who joined us in November and made this year’s International Conference so memorable. Check conference.www.point-of-rental.com soon for conference updates, and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2018!