It’s easier than ever to manage your rental business using Point of Rental’s Rental Expert software in 2016. Based on feedback from our thousands of experts within the rental industry, we’ve come up with several improvements to make your employees happier, your business easier to run and your company more profitable.

Most notably, we’re adding several dashboards – single screens that enable you to get an overview of your operation:

Manage your sales staff with our Salesman Dashboard. This feature allows you to see all your sales, split them up by salesperson, see where each contract is in the process, and see the amounts each salesperson is responsible for. You can also group contracts by status (quotes, reservations, open or closed) and calculate the total value, amount paid and amount owed for each group. The results will be displayed in an intuitive pie chart.

For businesses with multiple locations or serving several venues, we’ve added a Job Site/Venue Dashboard, which has all the same features as the Salesman dashboard, and allows you to sort by job site/venue as well as see your totals. This allows you to see which venues are performing best, which need help, where your revenues are coming from, or any number of analytical options.

The Transaction Dashboard is the king of all Accounts Receivable dashboards. It includes the functionality of the Salesman and Job Site/Venue dashboards, and enables analysis down to the transaction level. This is a powerful tool that enables you to group your transactions together to see trends and adjust accordingly.

Purchase Orders also have their own dashboard now. Based on our Day at a Glance interface, the PO Dashboard has tabs for Open, Pending, Credit, Closed, Posted, and Sub Rental entries. Tabs can also be grouped by Status, Vendor, Ordered By, Invoice Number, Store, and others. The PO Dashboard makes it easy to find the number and amount of PO’s that a particular employee has written. As with Day at a Glance, right-clicking on a purchase order gives you the option of printing, modifying, receiving, voiding, etc. the order. All purchase order processing will now be done in the one-screen dashboard, streamlining the process.

In addition to dashboards that make it easy to see so much data at a glance, we’ve upgraded our Accounts Receivable Manager. Now you can create a call log, assign operators to specific contracts, sort by operator to see what each person in your business needs to take care of, and set follow-up dates to ensure you’re always up-to-date on what’s happening with your customers.

It’s also easier than ever to fulfill contracts. Your warehouse staff loads up all the items for a customer and include extra equipment for transport or to ensure the customer is taken care of in case an item breaks. Instead of relying on memory to ensure you get these items back, Fulfillment keeps track of the actual items (and quantity) sent out so you’ll know what to expect back. If you want to add the extra items to the contract, it’s as easy as a right-click on the over-prepped item under the Contract Processing: Fulfillment tab. There are a few other new additions to Contract Fulfillment capabilities:

  • By right-clicking on the Fulfillment tab, you can also sell missing/damaged items. If you receive fewer items than you sent out, you can easily add the missing items to the contract before closing it out.
  • Blind scan allows you to scan items from one customer that were out on multiple contracts. This helps wrap things up at the end of a job with multiple contracts.
  • Double Blind Scan allows you to scan in items that are from multiple different customers and different contracts. Fulfillment will automatically return the appropriate items on the correct contract for the correct customer.
  • Contract Fulfillment RFID allows you to directly scan items in or out. No need to count 100 sets of sheets individually – just run them through an RFID scanner and they’re automatically entered in the system, saving time and employees’ sanity.
  • Close all Fulfilled Items allows you to remove everything that’s been returned from a contract, making it easier to see what’s left. And if nothing is left, the contract status will automatically be closed.

That’s not all that we’ve added in our annual Expert update; to see the full 18-page Quick Summary .pdf of new and upgraded features, click here.