Adventurers need guides. Readers need librarians. And Point of Rental has so many reports you can run, a user needs someone to help them figure out which report will work best for them.

So we created one!

We’d like to introduce you to Report Finder in Rental Expert v2018’s NetHelp menu*. Report Finder guides you through the reports available to you, the Expert user – you can search for a topic and we’ll pull up all the reports associated with your query. For example, there are 54 different reports that can help you analyze your inventory.

When you click on a report title, you’ll be able to see a full description of what that report will provide and which versions of the software have it available. On the right side of the screen, you’ll see a list telling you about some related reports, and on the top, you’ll see how to access it in your software. For example, the Excessive Resale Inventory Report can be found in your Program Menu > Inventory Reports menu.

You’ll still have to navigate through the software to get the actual report from your own system. But like a guide or a librarian, Report Finder helps you take care of the hard stuff and prevents you from having to go down the wrong path.

And Report Finder won’t even ask for a tip. =)

*Report Finder is only available in Rental Expert or Elite versions 2018 or later.