If you’re using Rental Essentials, your software just got updated! Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • We’re adding several customization options to your contracts – you can now choose colors based on RGB format, preview the document and customer front end, and if you’re a .css whiz (or know someone who is), you can customize even more options, like altering verbiage, removing barcodes, or even adding information to print on each contract.
  • It’s now easier to clear your system of old quotes and unpaid reservations – you can automatically select when those quotes or reservations will be canceled, based on how long they’ve been in the system. The cancelled quotes or reservations will be maintained in your history and tied to the customer record for recordkeeping.
  • When transactions are paid in full, a tag will automatically appear on a transaction in Workbench. You’ll never again have to open the transaction to check if it’s been paid! When you’re taking a payment or making a refund, you’ll also be able to see the contract’s full transaction history, line by line.
  • Essentials’ support center has been updated and is now easier to access, and you’ll be able easily get assistance via the search box, live chat, or by emailing our team.

We’ve also tweaked and upgraded several features, like being able to edit your transaction notes and reminders as well as remove your tags. Multi-store businesses now have improved accessibility and language capabilities along with new payments reports.

If your business is looking for efficient, intelligent cloud-based rental software, try Rental Essentials’ pre-loaded demo site free for 14 days by signing up today.