Point of Rental's EPIC acronym helps remind readers of the company's core values: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring.

Point of Rental Gets EPIC

Point of Rental Software has grown from a company of 15 employees to 150 employees across three continents in the span of a few years. While the company has always known what they’ve wanted in a Pointer, in 2018, they revised Point of Rental’s core values to reflect each Pointer’s EPIC nature.

EPIC is an acronym for Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring, the four characteristics that Pointers strive to embody in each interaction with each other, each customer, and the communities the company serves.

“We’re here because we want to impact the world,” said Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “We do what we do to make our customers’ lives better, the rental industry better, and the world a better place to live. Having clear, easy-to-remember core values will help ensure we remain focused on those goals as we grow.”

Find out more about Point of Rental, Pointers, the company’s culture, and how we’re working to make the world a better place at pointofrental.com/epic.

About Point of Rental Software

Point of Rental Software provides smart, scalable rental and inventory management software to over 5,000 business locations of all sizes and industries. With offices in the UK, USA, and Australia, Point of Rental offers the global rental and hire industry unparalleled customer support and award-winning products designed to streamline operations. Rental Elite delivers a customized ERP software for world-class rental corporations. Rental Expert is a full-featured rental management software that optimizes complex operations for advanced rental businesses. Syrinx optimizes complex processes for hire depots of any size. Rental Essentials is a cloud-based rental and inventory software that streamlines business for straightforward rental operations. To learn which product is right for your business, call 844-943-7368, visit pointofrental.com or email [email protected].

Über Point of Rental Software

Point of Rental Software bietet intelligente, skalierbare Miet- und Bestandsverwaltungssoftware für über 5.000 Unternehmensstandorte aller Größen und Branchen. Mit Niederlassungen in Großbritannien, den USA, Australien und Südafrika bietet Point of Rental der weltweiten Vermietungs- und Verleihbranche preisgekrönte Software und einen beispiellosen Kundensupport. Wenn Sie erfahren möchten, wie Ihr Unternehmen von Point of Rental profitieren kann, rufen Sie 844-943-7368 an, besuchen Sie pointofrental.com oder senden Sie eine E-Mail an [email protected].

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