Earlier this week, the American Rental Association’s Rental Management Magazine highlighted the independent rental companies that crushed it from 2021-23, leading the industry in reported revenue growth. We’re excited for all of this year’s Market Movers, particularly the ones using Point of Rental!

Event Market Movers

Growth was strong from 2021-23 for the event rental businesses that survived the pandemic, with a 2024 that’s looking even better. The ARA’s survey of event businesses reported an average revenue increase of 23 percent so far this year. Here are the four Point of Rental-using event rental Market Movers.

Equipment <$10M Market Movers

Overall, the forecast for the equipment rental industry calls for a 7-10% increase in revenue, but this year’s Market Movers grew revenue by 47-500%. Thomas Brothers Equipment Rental Co. has grown 256 percent since 2021. Point of Rental users are well-represented on this list, with six of the 12 overall Market Movers under $10 million in annual revenue.

Equipment >$10M Market Movers

Great news! You don’t have to start small to see big growth in your rental business. The following rental companies started with a 2021 rental volume of $10 million and kept on turning equipment over. Here are the five Point of Rental users (check out Rental Management’s article for the full list of 10).