Why should you plan to attend the Point of Rental International Conference? We asked our staff and dozens of people that attended last year to come up with 10 reasons you should show up this year. Here’s what we came up with:

  1. Hundreds of wise and talented rental store owners and employees take the time to visit DFW each year for the International Conference. Shouldn’t you be one of them?
  2. You have questions? We have answers. Reserve 25-minute blocks of one-on-one training, learning, and interaction with a software trainer. Then you can head back to your office with answers to the questions you always wanted to ask.
  3. This year we’re in Fort Worth. If you joined us in 2017, you’re aware of how fun downtown Ft. Worth can be. We’re still finalizing night events, but you can bet they’re going to be full of laughter, great food, and time spent with fellow industry experts.
  4. You’ll increase your chances of winning the International Innovation Award, presented annually at the International Conference. (We want to be able to personally give you the award!)
  5. If you leave the conference with one good idea to improve your business’s workflows and efficiency, the conference pays for itself*. Customers last year told us they were leaving with between three ideas and a dozen pages worth of ideas. Bring your notebooks, whether electronic or paper-based.
  6. Classes from the experts: Need to know about an application? Remember hearing about how to do something during initial training, then skipping that part of the software because you didn’t want to call and tell us you forgot? Point of Rental trainers are here to take you through it again.
  7. Prizes! We have some lovely gifts for a few lucky attendees. You might even win the opportunity to attend next year’s conference for free!
  8. See new features first: Our annual update comes out in the summer, the industry’s busy season. You might not have time to see all the updates and figure out how they can benefit your business. The International Conference is the first opportunity to really check out the new options and see how they can be implemented.
  9. November in DFW brings average temperatures near 70 degrees. We’ve seen what happens to the northern U.S. and Canada in late fall and winter. Enjoy a few extra days of nice weather**.
  10. It’s an opportunity to not only get a bunch of information about Point of Rental software and its updates, but it’s a welcome chance to network with other professionals in your industry. Point of Rental serves rental stores in just about every industry, so there’s always someone around who understands exactly what you’re going through. Sometimes they’ll even have a great idea you can implement at your store!

* These aren’t even our words! We agree, but several of last year’s attendees said this.
** Our software gives business managers the power to control a lot of things. Unfortunately, the weather isn’t one of them, so we can’t guarantee the weather will be perfect.