Software Designed for Tent/Event Rental Industry

Looking for a rental management system that fits your tent and event focus? Tent and event rental require software with more features and interface options than tool and equipment focused software. Pictures, graphics and laser printed quotes, reservations, contracts with instruction sheets as well as graphical delivery mapping are important features to such a rental business. Point-of-Rental™ Systems puts all of this right at your fingertips with the Graphical User and Display Interface provided by the Microsoft Windows® operating systems. And now, with the latest update, Point-of-Rental’s Enterprise 2010 offers many more party smart enhancements specifically designed for tent and event rental.

Tent and event rental stores need features such as the ability to directly fax and e-mail quotes and reservations from their systems. The ability to store contracts in history is important to be able to “clone” them for yearly and sometimes monthly recurring events. The systems should be able to import inventory from PartyCad drawings and export entries daily to PC based general ledgers such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and many others. A big plus would be an item question field which forces your counterperson to procure advance information like: “What type of surface will the tent be on? Is a permit required? Will power lines interfere with setup?” And of course, a superior and graphically pleasing website is all important to attract customers to tent and event rental stores.

For a complete rental management software program that provides all of these party smart features and more, take a look at what more and more tent and event rental stores are turning to: Point-of-Rental™ Systems. This particular software company can either host web sites or provide the XML code to import inventory, images and instruction sheets into a user hosted site complete with a shopping cart. Plus, their software is tried and true.

Point-of-Rental™ Systems has been providing rental stores with rental management software for more than 26 years. The company started in business in 1982 by first opening a general rental store renting tools, equipment and some party items. In 1984 the company introduced Point-of-Rental software, and in 1996 it opened another store much larger than the first with more of a party and event focus. In 2001 their Enterprise rental management software was introduced. It is 100% Microsoft Windows® based, designed to run on the Microsoft Sever operating system. Over 1100 stores in North America, the Caribbean and South Africa have relied upon Point-of-Rental software to manage their businesses. More information can be obtained at or by calling 1-800-944-7368.

Sobre a Point of Rental Software

A Point of Rental fornece soluções de software de gestão de aluguel e inventário que conectam as pessoas de cada função de locação vertical e de trabalho, capacitando-as com as ferramentas necessárias para agilizar as operações e crescer estrategicamente. Por mais de 35 anos, a Point of Rental tem liderado a inovação da indústria, ganhando dezenas de prêmios de inovação e serviços para software de locação. Como uma Inc. de quatro vezes. 5000 empresas de crescimento mais rápido, a empresa atende clientes em 80 países diferentes a partir de escritórios em Dallas, Londres, Melbourne e Joanesburgo. Preencha o formulário abaixo para descobrir como uma equipe com mais de 600 anos de experiência em locação no local pode levá-lo onde você quer estar.

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