Happy (Software) New Year! Today marks the beginning of Rental Expert v2018 and Rental Elite v2018.

As we celebrate our 35th year in the rental software industry, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative, thoughtful customer base. We’ve always listened to your suggestions, but now uInnovate allows us to quantify your input. We’re happy to announce we’ve implemented 36 of your suggestions into the new version of the software! Your feedback has been invaluable as we work to keep producing the best rental software possible for your business.

User-suggested updates

Updates based on uInnovate suggestions include the Inspection App’s new ability to print receipt-style ready tags when connected to a printer. Aliases have also been expanded to customers in addition to items. We’ve even added drag-and-drop functionality within Contract Processing, allowing you to rearrange contracts how you like.

We’ve made Purchase Orders over, too. You can selectively breakout lines on a PO, rather than assuming the entire PO is full of backordered items. You’ll be able to merge POs that should’ve been together when they were created and use the breakout feature to split ‘em again if you made an error.

The Future of Rental

In addition to the features suggested within uInnovate, we’re still keeping an eye on the future of rental. We’re looking beyond our industry and the day-to-day to come up with innovations that help keep our customers ahead of their competition.

With that in mind, we’ve made v2018’s Contract Fulfillment module more powerful than ever, implementing internal location tracking. Now your counter staff, warehouse and yard staff can see where your items are within Item Availability – no need to send someone rummaging through the warehouse to look for items.

For example, you might scan a bag of linen via RFID into a location called “Dirty”. As it moves through the cleaning process, it might go through “Wash”, “Iron”, “Bagging”, and finally be ready to rent. With each location set up, you’ll be able to see in your software where each linen is within the process. Similarly, for equipment, you can have “Wash Rack”, “Inspection”, or any other location set up with barcode scanners.

You can find the full list of v2018’s new features and updates in your Rental Expert or Elite software by visiting NetHelp and clicking on the 2018 Release Notes link. If you’re using Expert or Elite already, you’ll also find instructions for upgrading in NetHelp.