Welcome to
Point of Rental!

Whether you’re here because you’re new or you’re refreshing yourself on what Point of Rental’s all about…well, welcome.
Our people are what make Point of Rental so awesome. But how do we define our people? Well, Pointers share a Mission and Core Values, and we’re always doing our best to follow our Rules of Conduct. We’re all chasing the same Big, Hairy Audacious Goal. Basically, we’ve got a lot in common!
We hope this page will help remind you of the things that unite us.

Our Mission

We exist to make a difference by empowering companies and individuals to reach their full potential.
At Point of Rental, we strive to balance a strong, vital and robust culture with the need for respect and consideration. These guidelines provide a framework for individual and team dynamics that will help us achieve our goal of building a challenging and rewarding place to work: healthy conflict, passion/motivation, cross-team collaboration, openness, analytical approach.
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Since Point of Rental’s beginning, we’ve held ourselves to a high standard. Pointers have always embodied the values we were founded on: Honesty. Integrity. Ingenuity. Reliability. Thoughtfulness. Helpfulness. Dedication. Courage. When we add a new member of the Point of Rental family, we ensure each addition reinforces who we are.

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