We equip our teammates, customers, and communities to reach their full potential. We foster confident autonomy to resolve issues and discover new ideas by investing in continuing education, promoting an atmosphere of open questioning and active listening, and defining a wide boundary of trust.


You won’t hear a lot of “we can’t” here at Point of Rental. We listen earnestly and provide guidance based on our perspective and experience, allowing ideas to find a path to implementation.


Our customers and everyone on our team are encouraged to suggest ideas that they think will improve the software, the company, and the world around us.


Pointers are encouraged to pursue continuing education and professional development, which the company reimburses. We provide thorough initial training to customers, and continue to assist and educate throughout our relationship with software users as the software develops.


Annual user conferences and user meetings mean there’s always an opportunity to get FaceTime with Point of Rental leadership and experts.


Whether it’s our cross-departmental teams, infrastructure that affords new hires direct connections with leadership from day one, or even uInnovate, our suggestion management system that connects everyone with ideas from across the globe.


We’re all working together to provide the best software and best experience possible. And that goes for customers, Pointers, and anyone we work with.