Inventory Tracking for Smart Equipment Hire Businesses.

Know where your machines are, where they will be, when they’ll be back, and how soon you can hire them again with Point of Rental.

Outperform your competitors.

Point of Rental’s equipment hire inventory tracking features help your team outperform your competitors while increasing job satisfaction and overall performance.

Eliminate miscommunications, overpromised items, and day-of-hire frustration

Realtime inventory tracking input with mobile apps

Reclaim hours of wasted time and keep customers happier

By automating routine tasks and freeing up your employees’ time, you enable your team to work more efficiently.

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As inventory tracking tools continue to evolve, stay ahead of the curve with Point of Rental.


Integrate with barcode, RFID, and GPS tracking for automated service updates, including delivery and collection times.


Generate detailed reports to identify what to acquire, sell, and promote to maximise your inventory’s ROI.


Know the difference between “on your lot” and “ready to hire” without leaving the counter (or your mobile device).