The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Building a Data Culture

A person points to a computer monitor to show another person something on the screen.

The following blog is from enVista BI, a platinum sponsor of Point of Rental’s 2022 International Conference. Learn more about them at their website or by attending this year’s conference. Like many complex information technology (IT) programs, an effective business intelligence (BI) program requires a purposeful combination of people, process and technology. When one considers […]

How Technology is Guiding the Rental Industry Through this Ever-Changing Time

Optimize your online presence with Rental Hosting and Point of Rental Software

2020 has challenged our industry in unexpected ways. Being a witness to this, a few recurring themes have stood out:  The rental industry must adopt new technologies to address the ever-changing landscape. Empowering customers to become self-sufficient is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.  Going digital does not mean you will lose your […]

The Secret Behind an Efficient Fleet

Behind every efficient fleet is realtime tracking like TSO Mobile's. Two trucks are parked in front of a warehouse in this image.

If you’re in the rental business, it’s likely you’ve asked yourself how you can build a more efficient fleet on multiple occasions. The success of your rental business is reliant on the ability to see and manage all the moving parts of your operation while creating a seamless experience for your customers — and that’s […]

The Value of Pairing a Rental and Retail Management Platform

Retail management platform Paladin Data Corporation helps rental businesses, too

Whether you run a rental business or rentals are just a component of your product offering, you ultimately must have your rental management system and retail management platform working in sync to serve customers and keep your store running. Paladin and Point of Rental work in tandem to streamline rental and retail operations, which elevates […]

What are the Differences Between Parts Purchasing & Parts Procurement?

Understanding the difference between parts purchasing and parts procurement can make a world of difference to your bottom line. That’s why knowing the difference between highly used — and equally important — terms in the industry could save your rental business time and money. Terms like “parts purchasing” and “parts procurement” are oftentimes used interchangeably […]

Who’s Our Most Innovative Customer of 2018?

Entries for 2018's Innovation Award are open!

Our customers are always achieving great things in the rental industry. We want to honor the people that push our software to become greater by coming up with new ways to make it work for them. That’s why we’re asking you to tell us about your breakthroughs: We’re now taking entries for our 2018 International […]

Look Who’s Coming to the 2018 International Conference! 👀

Ruth Bloom will be the keynote speaker and Kam Hunt will be the emcee at the 2018 International Conference.

As Point of Rental’s International Conference strives to get bigger and better each year, we’re always looking for ways to add value for our visiting Point of Rental family. In 2018, we’ve added both an emcee to help pep you up between classes and a keynote speaker, to get you some beyond-the-product knowledge to take […]

International Conference Evening Events are SET!

The 2018 Point of Rental International Conference starts November 4, 2018.

Everyone has their reasons for loving the Point of Rental International Conference. For some, it’s the incredible amount of software insight they gain. Others love the interaction and networking with other rental professionals from throughout the world. Some like the one-on-one time with a trainer to solve any issues you might have in your business. […]

4 Takeaways from the 2017 International Conference

4 Things We Learned at Point of Rental's 2017 International Conference

Point of Rental’s International Conference has always been a unique opportunity to give our customers a few things on their wish lists: Intensive software refreshers, one-on-one time with trainers to solve their problems, and the opportunity to meet with other owners from around the country (and now world) to talk rental. The 2017 International Conference […]

Are You Point of Rental’s Most Innovative User in 2017?

2017 International Innovation Award contestants can now submit their entries!

We love hearing about our customers achieving great things in the rental industry. We’re even more excited to hear that our software helped them on the way. With that in mind, we invite you to enter our 2017 International Innovation Award competition! The contest is open to all Point of Rental customers and winners will […]