Over the Top Rental Linens is a nationally recognized party-linen rental company located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since 1993, the company has been known for their vast, high-quality inventory, which includes many specialty fabrics. They provide everything from tablecloths to overlays, napkins to skirts, and even custom-manufacture products that “finish off” a table or room design.


Over the Top’s previous software required the team to use processes that were far more labor- and time-intensive than general manager Rob Glassman wanted. For example, their dispatching process involved printed pickup slips and a “really long table” sectioned off by county or zip code. So they were looking for a forward-thinking rental software partner that would help them continue to evolve with available technology in the future. 


Rob and the executive team at Over the Top turned to Point of Rental in 2014.

“One of the draws for Point of Rental is that there’s continuous innovative efforts by the team,” Rob said. Shortly after converting, they added Dispatch Center to Over the Top’s suite and watched their dispatching process shrink in time, area, and amount of paper wasted. 


Over the Top’s nationwide linen rental business has never been more efficient. Just before the 2018 International Conference, Rob and the team were able to coordinate deliveries, pickups, cleanings, and deliveries between their HQ in Ft. Lauderdale and events in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Texas, with everything arriving on time. 

Now that he’s a part of the Point of Rental family, he really appreciates the support at the other end of the line. 

“Not only do they help me with the issues at hand, they explain it to me in a comprehensive way,” said Rob. “I tend to ask a lot of questions so that I can understand the dynamics of what’s happening and I always find that Point of Rental delivers on the information.”

Point of Rental, both the software and the support team, now plays an integral role in the Over the Top organization. That’s why Rob is so excited about the relationship.

“I really look at Point of Rental as an extension of our team,” he said.

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