GPS Tracking can save your business lots of money in the long run.

Why Rental Companies Across America are Using GPS Tracking

The following post is a guest blog by our partner company, TSO Mobile, which provides fleet and rental tracking solutions to businesses worldwide.

Every year, nearly 800,000 vehicles are stolen in the United States. That’s thousands of vehicles stolen every single day. If you don’t like the sound of those numbers, you’re not alone. Rental companies across the country have started to take a far more proactive approach to monitoring their vehicles than they have in the past.

Point of Rental has teamed up with TSO Mobile to provide rental companies with the absolute best security and transparency technology. TSO Mobile has been designing and supporting cutting-edge rental tracking solutions since 2010, helping rental businesses across the world locate, secure, and recover their valuable vehicles and equipment.

Reducing Risk

With vehicle theft rates where they are, it’s no surprise that car and equipment rental companies have begun to explore high-tech methods for keeping tabs on their vehicles and equipment. Car thieves have evolved with the automobiles they target, becoming smarter and more sophisticated by the year. Physical theft deterrents and RFID tags only go so far these days, which is why many fleets are starting to implement TSO Mobile GPS tracking across their rental fleets. With the TSO Mobile fleet management system, car rental companies can track the movements of their vehicles in real time, giving potential thieves nowhere to hide.

Long-Term Costs

Recovering stolen equipment can be time-consuming and expensive…but is rarely as costly as replacing that equipment. Even the occasional loss or vandalism damage can devastate a rental fleet’s budget, putting it at a financial disadvantage for months—perhaps even years—to come. That’s not even taking into account the increased insurance costs that are often incurred following equipment theft or damage. For most rental companies, the best way to keep recovery, repair, and replacement costs down is to be proactive about the security of their rental vehicles and equipment.

Thwarting Thieves

According to insurers, rented equipment (as opposed to owned) is at greater risk of being stolen for a great number of reasons. Equipment renters are both less likely to invest in the security of rented equipment and more susceptible to thieves posing as authorized parties than the rental company itself. Rented equipment is often subject to long periods of transportation and overnight stays in unsupervised areas, giving potential thieves and vandals plenty of opportunity to exploit any lack of security. With TSO Mobile’s GPS asset tracking, both renters and rental companies can receive alerts when their equipment leaves a designated area, is used during off-hours, or is accessed by an unauthorized party.

Interested in learning more about how TSO Mobile can help protect your rental fleet? Give them a call at (866) 429-4929, schedule a free demo, or visit us at Point of Rental’s International Conference in November.

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