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The following is a blog from 2019 Point of Rental International Conference sponsor TSYS, which provides solutions that make it easier to accept payments from anyone, anywhere.

Your customers expect to pay how they want and be on their way quickly. With Genius Mini™, now they can.

Genius Mini is a small device that accepts any payment type from anywhere. When combined with a point-of-sale system, this technology provides a secure, full-featured payment experience no matter where you do business. With both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, this device gives you the ability to take your business everywhere.


  • Audio jack and Bluetooth® reader options
  • EMV® chip card-enabled
  • NFC-enabled for Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and more
  • Magstripe swipe-enabled
  • iOS compatible

Genius Mini is the Smart Choice:

Accept any payment type

Credit, debit, EMV/chip cards, mobile payments

Go anywhere

Take your business wherever your customers are — in the aisle, a pop-up shop, their home and more.

Flexible options

iOS POS choice, Bluetooth and audio jack options, Wi-Fi and cellular enabled. 

Enhance data security

Keep cardholder data off the POS and secure your systems with full encryption and tokenization.

Implement effortlessly

Automatic cloud updates ensure you have the latest features and functionality with no downtime.

For more information on Genius Mini and our integrated solutions, go to: https://www.tsys.com/solutions/products-services/merchant/genius/genius-mini/

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