Back to School: Learning Rental Every Day

Point of Rental takes you back to school with these useful learning resources.

It’s back-to-school time here in Texas and throughout the country. Prepped with new bags, books, and supplies, kids are excited to start learning new things (well, most of them are). But there’s no reason they should be the only ones excited – at Point of Rental, we believe everyone should be eager to learn new […]

Industry Leaders, Point of Rental Customers

ARA's "10 under 40" list in 2016 featured seven Point of Rental Software users

ARA releases “10 young professionals to watch under 40” list The American Rental Association released its list of 10 young professionals under the age of 40 to watch as they manage rental businesses and lead industry activities at the local, state and national level. We’re proud that seven of the eight North Americans listed are […]

Tips & Tricks: Social Media in the Rental Industry

In my last post about using social media in the rental industry, I covered how important it is as a company to be sharing engaging content on social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. A company’s interactions online not only strengthen and sell your brand, but they also create ongoing relationships with customers and potential customers alike. […]

Social Media Doesn’t Matter in the Rental Industry

2019’s Who to Watch: Industry Game-Changers Under 40

  Ah, social media. You likely use at least one social network on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family, right? In many ways, its changed the way we communicate and connect today, and the power of the social space certainly extends further than our high school friend group. Smart companies realize that […]