What Candy Crush* Taught Me about Business

It all started when my nieces convinced me to download this app called Candy Crush*. You might ask what a grown man is doing playing something that sounds like a kids’ game. Well, you should probably also ask the other half billion (with a “b”) people that have downloaded Candy Crush*, as it’s the second most […]

The Value of Rental Management Software to Independent Rental Stores

Written by Wayne Harris, President & CEO of Point-of-Rental Systems Prospective rental software buyers often ask why they should spend money on rental management software. The real question they are asking is how they can quantify the return on investment. Part of the answer is easy to measure. Mathematics performed by a computer system ensures […]

What to Look For in a Software Company

It’s that time of the year when rental companies are preparing to shop for rental management software to help streamline their businesses in an effort to improve operational efficiencies and ultimately profits. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes confused when reviewing the plethora of software currently on the market. Here are a few […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Mark Jordan

This week’s spotlight is Mark Jordan, Point-of-Rental’s Western Regional Sales Manager. Mark graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and the expectation to teach; however, the rental industry found him in his last semester before graduation. At that time, Mark and his wife were getting married so he went to talk with […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Lauren Harris

This week’s spotlight is Lauren Harris, Point-of-Rental’s sales and marketing representative. As the daughter of current CEO, Wayne Harris, Lauren started at Point-of-Rental in 2007 doing clerical work as a summer job at the age of 15. After graduating in 2011, she left Point-of-Rental to attend Baylor University. She came back to Point-of-Rental the following […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Holly Emmons

This week’s spotlight is Holly Emmons, Point-of-Rental’s business manager. After graduating with a math degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, Holly held various positions with a bank, an annuity board, and a brokerage company prior to joining Point-of-Rental™ Systems in 2004 as our Business Manager. In addition to overseeing the accounting department, Holly […]

Should I Hire My Kids?

Summer time is here! The kids are out of school. They have free time to play video games, surf the Internet, chat on Facebook, and harass the neighbors with firecrackers. In fact, they have too much time. Time that could be better spent doing something useful, like working. Hmm…you own a rental store. You could […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Jason Albus

This week’s spotlight is on Jason Albus, Point-of-Rental’s Systems Engineer, or in his words, “Any title that makes sense without too many slashes to describe the developer/company director combination of responsibilities I have.” With degrees in both Information  Systems Management and Software Development, Jason joined Point-of-Rental in 2003 as an IT Support Technician. As our […]

Ready To Replace Your Rental Management System?

Do you have an old UNIX system and long for the benefits of Microsoft Windows®? Or, a Windows® system that is unsupported? Or maybe one that offers support but at an unaffordable rate? Then you should consider Point-of-Rental™ Systems Enterprise rental management software.   Released in 2001, our Microsoft Windows® based Enterprise product leads the […]

Point-of-Rental Software Receives Credit Card Compliance Certification

  Point-of-Rental™ Systems is pleased to announce that its Enterprise 2010 Rental Management Software passed PA DSS certification testing with flying colors. PA DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard) is the new requirement that software vendors must uphold as part of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Developed by PCI Security Standards Council […]