New Brand Reveal

Point of Rental Software New Brand Reveal

Complete with New Logo, Colors, and Product Names, We Have a Whole New Look We’re so excited that from Boston to Miami, and Minneapolis to San Diego, and internationally, our brand reveal video is being featured! Check out our brand reveal video here! For over 30 years, Point of Rental has built software that has changed the industry. Now, […]

How Future Technology is Revolutionizing the Rental Industry

It’s no surprise that technology is constantly evolving. Even within the last five years, it’s staggering just how much technology has revolutionized the rental industry. We now have integrated RFID technology, GPS and tracking capabilities, Cloud technology, mobile workforce solutions and much more. In the next five years, the advances in the tech space will […]

Social Media Doesn’t Matter in the Rental Industry

2019’s Who to Watch: Industry Game-Changers Under 40

Ah, social media. You likely use at least one social network on a daily basis to keep in touch with friends and family, right? In many ways, its changed the way we communicate and connect today, and the power of the social space certainly extends further than our high school friend group. Smart companies realize that social […]

Maximize Your Software to Maximize Your Cash-Flow

The ARA’s Rental Market Monitor recently reported a predicted 2015 annual growth rate of 8.5% for construction equipment rental, 9% for general tool rental and 3.5% for special event rental. This positive economic outlook has not only attracted new industry investment, but also presents significant growth opportunities for all rental sectors. For rental owners, it’s […]

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Rental Management Software

Rental management software is an investment with the potential for a high rate of return if chosen properly. While some rental store operators may feel it is easier to choose a low cost, basic system now, this decision isn’t likely to yield the greatest returns of lowered operating costs and time savings. Many of these […]

The Secret to Balancing Utilization, Return on Investment and Your Bottom Line

How well you manage your inventory is a key contributor to whether your rental business is profitable or not. Having too little of a rental item decreases your potential revenue, but having too much of an item increases the cost and doesn’t always equate to more revenue. Maintaining the optimum amount of items in your […]

The Value of Rental Management Software to Independent Rental Stores

Written by Wayne Harris, President & CEO of Point-of-Rental Systems Prospective rental software buyers often ask why they should spend money on rental management software. The real question they are asking is how they can quantify the return on investment. Part of the answer is easy to measure. Mathematics performed by a computer system ensures […]

What to Look For in a Software Company

It’s that time of the year when rental companies are preparing to shop for rental management software to help streamline their businesses in an effort to improve operational efficiencies and ultimately profits. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and sometimes confused when reviewing the plethora of software currently on the market. Here are a few […]

Time to Start Getting Ready for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV)

In this blog post, I cover what EMV is, why we should care, when it should be implemented by merchants and whether merchants still need to meet the PCI-DSS requirements. Written by Daniel Ruiz, Point-of-Rental™ Systems IT Support Liaison, on December 16, 2013 What is EMV? I was once told credit card security was a […]