Report Finder: Your Friend in Analytics

Report Finder is your new best friend when you're trying to find the data you need.

Adventurers need guides. Readers need librarians. And Point of Rental has so many reports you can run, a user needs someone to help them figure out which report will work best for them. So we created one! We’d like to introduce you to Report Finder in Rental Expert v2018’s NetHelp menu*. Report Finder guides you […]

What’s New: Point of Rental Expert (+Elite) v2018

Point of Rental Expert v2018 is available!

Happy (Software) New Year! Today marks the beginning of Rental Expert v2018 and Rental Elite v2018. As we celebrate our 35th year in the rental software industry, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative, thoughtful customer base. We’ve always listened to your suggestions, but now uInnovate allows us to quantify […]

Rental Expert Solves More in 2017

Rental Expert solves more in version 2017, which was released this past week.

As you’ve seen so far this year, our team has been working hard at building industry-leading technology such as Rental eSign and the Inspection App. The best innovations, however, are often found in the details that make our software more efficient and easier to use. As our customers make suggestions to enhance their day-to-day operations, […]

Rental Expert Shortlisted for HAE Award

Point of Rental Expert earned its way onto the HAE Awards shortlist for the Events Industry Product of the Year.

After being introduced to Europe in 2016, Point of Rental Expert earned its way onto the shortlist for a 2017 Hire Award of Excellence as an Events Industry Product of the Year. It earned its way onto the HAE shortlist with its Customer Rewards feature, a first of its kind within the rental industry, and […]

Mobile Workforce Reaches 1,000,000 Transactions in 2016

Mobile Workforce reached 1,000,000 transactions in 2016.

Transactions have been moving from the front office to the warehouse and onto delivery routes over the past couple of years, thanks to our Mobile Workforce app. Last year, in fact, the 200+ companies using Mobile Workforce entered more than 1,000,000 transactions, including getting contract signatures, recording deliveries and driver check-ins, and even recording item condition photos for […]