Rental Essentials Update: Purchase Orders +

Purchase Orders are now possible in Point of Rental!

The next edition of Rental Essentials is available! Our development team has been busy in the lab, adding features to ensure Essentials is continuing to delight you with its capabilities. Now you can add bulk items to your inventory with Purchase Orders – the system will store vendor information for easy re-orders. You’ll also be […]

Essentials Update: It’s *sniff* Beautiful!

Essentials' April 2018 update offers solutions for when customers add complications to your contracts.

Ah, spring. It’s nature’s time of abundance, variety, and reproduction, as those of us with allergies are familiar with. And when you add variety (like multiple payment methods on one contract, payments that need to be assigned to multiple contracts, etc.) in the rental world, that, like pollen, can give you a headache and make […]

Essentials Update: Account Customers + Xero Integration

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

It’s donut day here at Point of Rental, and that means one thing: The new version of Rental Essentials is out, and our customers got some pretty sweet things of their own last night. Customers asked and our programming team delivered – Essentials now supports account customers, giving you the ability to support a credit […]

Six Software Apps to Start Your Small Rental Business

Six Useful Apps for Startup Rental Companies

A lot of work goes into starting a rental business, from having the initial idea to creating a business plan to finding a location and incorporating your vision. It can feel like there are a thousand steps to get through, so we knocked one of them out for you: here’s a list of affordable software […]

Essentials Update: Mobile Payments + Donation Tracking

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

Good news heading into the weekend for our Rental Essentials customers: Your software just got upgraded! Some of the new features you’ll enjoy: Mobile Payments Payments are now more portable, allowing you to finish contracts away from the counter. Our U.S. customers can take payments on any mobile device with Cayan Genius Mini. The Genius […]

Rental Essentials Adds Maintenance User Role

Maintenance teams can now use Rental Essentials to manage their repair schedule

Have an employee who’s responsible for managing the maintenance of your store’s equipment? Now there’s a new user role called Maintenance to help make their job easier and reduce confusion among other staff. An employee in the Maintenance user role will see a list of inventory currently in maintenance, be able to add items to […]

Essentials Update: Contracts Made Easier

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

Our programmers have been working hard to make our customers’ wishes their commands this month. They’re basically genies dressed in business clothes. Good thing we found that lamp! This month’s fulfilled wishes: Subrental abilities. When you overbook an item, you’ll still receive an overbooked warning. But if the transaction is a reservation or an order, […]

Essentials Update: Monthly Rentals, Searches, Colors and Sizes

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

The Rental Show is coming up and we’re packing up the truck on our way to Orlando. Before we go, though, we’ve updated Rental Essentials again, making the program more robust. Here are the highlights: We’ve added a new rental duration option! Monthly rentals allow for full-month rentals instead of basing it on four weeks […]

Essentials Update: Same Day Rentals, Scheduled Maintenance Due

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

It’s donut day in the Point of Rental office, which means that Rental Essentials just got another update! What did our developers come up with this time? Most importantly, we added the ability to set same day rentals. Need your stuff back the same day, and want to charge for the extra day if it’s […]

Data Drives The Future of Rental

Point of Rental's Mobile Workshop provides rental management wherever you are

Note: The following article was featured in the November/December issue of Pro Contractor Rentals.  Data. Sophisticated rental stores demand it, and even those who haven’t felt the need for it until recently are recognizing they need it to stay competitive. Contractors can be sitting at home at 10 p.m., preparing for their next contract, wondering: […]