EquipmentWatch Integration, Fulfillment Enhancements Highlight 2019 Q2 Updates

Point of Rental's v2019 update for Expert and Elite is available!

Starting in 2019, Rental Expert and Elite have joined Rental Essentials in adopting sprint updates to ensure our software is always the most innovative, feature-filled rental software available. Because updates are coming every couple weeks, we’re going to highlight a few items each quarter to show our progress – if you’re a current user of […]

Rental Essentials Update: Purchase Orders +

Purchase Orders are now possible in Point of Rental!

The next edition of Rental Essentials is available! Our development team has been busy in the lab, adding features to ensure Essentials is continuing to delight you with its capabilities. Now you can add bulk items to your inventory with Purchase Orders – the system will store vendor information for easy re-orders. You’ll also be […]

What’s New: Point of Rental Expert (+Elite) v2018

Point of Rental Expert v2018 is available!

Happy (Software) New Year! Today marks the beginning of Rental Expert v2018 and Rental Elite v2018. As we celebrate our 35th year in the rental software industry, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative, thoughtful customer base. We’ve always listened to your suggestions, but now uInnovate allows us to quantify […]

What’s New In Rental Expert v2016

Rental Expert software is now available with new monthly pricing options.

It’s easier than ever to manage your rental business using Point of Rental’s Rental Expert software in 2016. Based on feedback from our thousands of experts within the rental industry, we’ve come up with several improvements to make your employees happier, your business easier to run and your company more profitable. Most notably, we’re adding […]