Report Finder: Your Friend in Analytics

Report Finder is your new best friend when you're trying to find the data you need.

Adventurers need guides. Readers need librarians. And Point of Rental has so many reports you can run, a user needs someone to help them figure out which report will work best for them. So we created one! We’d like to introduce you to Report Finder in Rental Expert v2018’s NetHelp menu*. Report Finder guides you […]

Technology and Telematics Are Changing the Way We Manage Rental

Technology like telematics can help you manage your business better. Point of Rental works with that technology to give you the data you need, when you need it.

Note: The following article was featured in the November/December issue of Pro Contractor Rentals.  Rental companies, especially in the construction industry, are taking advantage of new technology to improve the way they manage business. Incorporating rental management software that not only provides cutting-edge features, but also integrates with many other applications (like AEMP telematics), is […]

What’s New In Rental Expert v2016

Rental Expert software is now available with new monthly pricing options.

It’s easier than ever to manage your rental business using Point of Rental’s Rental Expert software in 2016. Based on feedback from our thousands of experts within the rental industry, we’ve come up with several improvements to make your employees happier, your business easier to run and your company more profitable. Most notably, we’re adding […]