Point of Rental Gets EPIC

Point of Rental's EPIC acronym helps remind readers of the company's core values: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring.

The following is an article from our upcoming To the Point Magazine, which will be available at the Point of Rental booth (#4111) at the ARA Show in February. Point of Rental has grown from 15 to 50 to 150 employees in the last few years, and when a company experiences that kind of growth, […]

2018’s POR Employees of the Year are EPIC

Jesse Adams and Kelly Earp were named Point of Rental Employees of the Year in the U.S. and U.K., respectively.

In 2018, we introduced a simpler, memorable set of core values to help guide new Pointers as they integrate into our culture. Point of Rental employees are EPIC: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring. 2018’s Employees of the Year* epitomized those values. So we tried to find out a bit about what makes them tick. What […]