“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Mark Jordan

This week’s spotlight is Mark Jordan, Point-of-Rental’s Western Regional Sales Manager. Mark graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Elementary Education and the expectation to teach; however, the rental industry found him in his last semester before graduation. At that time, Mark and his wife were getting married so he went to talk with […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Lauren Harris

This week’s spotlight is Lauren Harris, Point-of-Rental’s sales and marketing representative. As the daughter of current CEO, Wayne Harris, Lauren started at Point-of-Rental in 2007 doing clerical work as a summer job at the age of 15. After graduating in 2011, she left Point-of-Rental to attend Baylor University. She came back to Point-of-Rental the following […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Holly Emmons

This week’s spotlight is Holly Emmons, Point-of-Rental’s business manager. After graduating with a math degree from the University of Texas at Arlington, Holly held various positions with a bank, an annuity board, and a brokerage company prior to joining Point-of-Rental™ Systems in 2004 as our Business Manager. In addition to overseeing the accounting department, Holly […]

“Employee Spotlight – Who’s Behind the Software?” Introducing Jason Albus

This week’s spotlight is on Jason Albus, Point-of-Rental’s Systems Engineer, or in his words, “Any title that makes sense without too many slashes to describe the developer/company director combination of responsibilities I have.” With degrees in both Information  Systems Management and Software Development, Jason joined Point-of-Rental in 2003 as an IT Support Technician. As our […]