The Front PORch

Welcome to The Front Porch, where host Lauren Jewell sits with Pointers and people throughout the rental industry to find out a little bit about them,
hat makes them tick, and maybe gets some advice for making her way in the rental software industry.

Joel Labrosse in some of his thrifted clothes.

Ep. 10 – Joel Labrosse

Joel Labrosse may have been made for Point of Rental – his career ran through construction, event rental, and his dad’s IT company. First, he …

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Daryl Sensenig, Tents for Rent

Daryl Sensenig of Tents for Rent discusses growing up in the rental industry. He tells us about how he manages working with his father and …

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John Wooten shares phone sales tips with Brian Beaudry.

Closing Phone Deals with John Wooten

John Wooten, former CEO of All Star Rents and current Product Innovation Manager at Point of Rental, gives his three simple tips for getting your …

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Josh Nickell - Mastering the Close in 3 Steps

Mastering the Close in Three Steps

Point of Rental cares about the rental industry and its success. So in our blog, we’re going to do a better job of tapping into …

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Pat Lawlor on the Front PORch.

Ep. 9 – Pat Lawlor

Global Implementation Director Pat Lawlor visited our Fort Worth office back when we were allowed to travel. He joined Lauren on the PORch for some …

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Handling COVID – John Wooten

Guest host Sean Sebastian and our Product Innovation Manager, John Wooten, mine John’s 35+ years of rental industry experience. John uses his time as a …

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free rental esign available for three months from Point of Rental

Keeping Us Together During Quarantine: Free Rental eSign Offer

We’re all maintaining a little more distance from one another these days. At Point of Rental, we want to bring you closer to your customers …

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Are You Ready to Work from Home? Title Slide

Are You Ready to Work From Home?

With so much of the world closed down and in quarantine, more of us are trying to work from home (or remotely). And it turns …

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