Point-of-Rental Software Introduces New Cloud Product

As reported in Forbes¹, businesses are adopting cloud products in record numbers. Among the reasons for the tornado-like move to the cloud are better collaboration, better access to analytics, increased productivity, and reduced costs. Accordingly, Point-of-Rental® Systems, Inc., a software company providing rental management software to thousands of locations around the world, recently announced the development and release of its new cloud-based product, CLOUD by Point-of-Rental. While the company’s award-winning Enterprise Software uses on premise Windows® servers, CLOUD requires only a web browser to access its suite of features.

Available by monthly subscription and accessible from any internet-capable device, the new software claims the same flexibility and ease-of-use that Point-of-Rental® software systems have touted for over 30 years. It offers both standard and optional features, including credit card processing, inventory management, accounting, the ability to rent from one location and return inventory to another, and an online reservation system that allows customers to reserve items and pay online. With simple Quickbooks compatible exports, integrating CLOUD with existing accounting software is a breeze.

Capable of handling single or multi-store environments, CLOUD is designed primarily for niche rentals such as audio-visual or adventure sports. However, even businesses outside of the rental industry are turning to CLOUD for inventory-tracking needs.

“The business industry is teeming with niche rentals that don’t need the breadth of functionality available in our Enterprise Software,” Point-of-Rental’s CEO Wayne Harris stated. “Previously, we were unable to reach into those markets because the pricing model of Enterprise made it cost prohibitive. Now, CLOUD by Point-of-Rental gives them everything they need, and nothing they don’t, at a subscription price they can afford.”

Sobre a Point of Rental Software

A Point of Rental fornece soluções de software de gestão de aluguel e inventário que conectam as pessoas de cada função de locação vertical e de trabalho, capacitando-as com as ferramentas necessárias para agilizar as operações e crescer estrategicamente. Por mais de 35 anos, a Point of Rental tem liderado a inovação da indústria, ganhando dezenas de prêmios de inovação e serviços para software de locação. Como uma Inc. de quatro vezes. 5000 empresas de crescimento mais rápido, a empresa atende clientes em 80 países diferentes a partir de escritórios em Dallas, Londres, Melbourne e Joanesburgo. Preencha o formulário abaixo para descobrir como uma equipe com mais de 600 anos de experiência em locação no local pode levá-lo onde você quer estar.

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