Welcome to Point of Rental, RentalTrax users! If you’ve enjoyed the SaaS nature of RentalTrax, Rental Essentials is going to do a great job managing your business and may have some additional features to delight you and make running your business easier.

To help make this transition easier, Jamie will explain how to transition your data from RentalTrax to Rental Essentials, explain differences in the software and how to navigate those in Essentials, and she’ll show you some new features you may enjoy.


We’re excited to introduce you to Rental Essentials, our cloud-based software that makes rental software enjoyable and easy. We know that every software is a little different; here are a few of the new things you can expect when you start using Rental Essentials.

Credit Card Integration

Rental Essentials has credit card integration built in. No more switching between systems; you can take payments directly from Essentials.

Rental eSign

Now you can collect and store customer signatures digitally, for any document. Contracts? Yep. Damage waivers? Yep. If you have a document, a customer can digitally sign it.

Automatic Damages

If a customer totals a piece of your equipment, it’s as easy as a couple of clicks to convert the item to a sale item and charge them the sale price.

Condition Photos

Resolve disputes quickly and easily with on-site photos of equipment or items before and after rental. Photos are attached to each contract automatically.

Driver’s License Scanner

Save yourself (or your customer) time-consuming data entry - Essentials allows you to gather customer data via driver’s license scanner.


Don’t turn away an order just because you don’t have an item! Subrental capabilities and tracking make it easy to track items on loan from other stores.


Assign tags to items, contracts, and customers. These can be used for easy delivery grouping (tag contracts to trucks and/or drivers) or to easily identify important information.

Maintenance Users

Have someone who is only in charge of maintaining your equipment? Maintenance users can put items into maintenance and return them to service, creating an item maintenance record.


RentalTrax’s actual software was not made available to Point of Rental in the sale because parts of it are integral to the former owners’ event decor business. RentalTrax has agreed to keep the software running for six months to give you the opportunity to completely make the switch to Rental Essentials in a season that is convenient for you.

We know no one’s excited about having to learn new software, so we’re going to make it as easy as possible for you. First of all, we’ll transfer your data to Essentials for free. We’ll also provide free phone support for the first 90 days you’re with us, and email and chat support will be free as long as you have the software. We also provide realtime updates, a cloud-based product, up-to-date technology, world-class support, and the opportunity to work with a company that listens to your needs and develops solutions for them.

No.  All data including inventory, customers, historical data and current active contracts will be moved over. Data conversions usually take as little as a few days, and you’ll still have access to your data during the conversion

Yes, we host your data on four servers worldwide: one each in the U.K. and Australia and two in the U.S.

Of course! Our preferred credit card processors allow you to store encrypted tokens for future rentals, too.

You’ll be able to keep your connection to QuickBooks online.  We’ll just transfer the connection to the new software.

We will honor your current rate until the end of your current billing cycle.  Once your billing cycle is complete, you will be able to switch to Essentials’ pricing plans, which will be similar in pricing.

We offer unlimited chat and email support to all our customers.  During your transition to Essentials, we’ll provide 90 days of phone support at no additional cost.

Of course! Essentials is a cloud-based product, so you can access your data on any mobile device or computer with internet access.

You will be able to cancel at any time. You will have access to your account until the end of your billing cycle.

We offer online internet training and have a support site with 70+ documents and 40+ videos to walk you through each aspect of our software.

Well, we’ve been in the rental software business for 35+ years, and our team here at Point of Rental has spent more than 600 total years working in rental stores.  But, as LeVar Burton would say, you don’t have to take our word for it. You can ask our customers. You can even try it for what you’re paying on your current contract or check out a free demo.

We do our best to update every few weeks.  However, some developments require more time to implement.

Let's Get Started

You’re one step closer to your new website! Please confirm your contact information is correct below and select a week to “go live” with Rental Essentials. When you click “Let’s get started,” we’ll contact you and set up an exact date and time to get your data transferred and your site set up! We look forward to working with you to ensure the transition goes smoothly and your business is happy on Essentials. 

Thank you!