AJM Hire Co.

AJM Hire logo

AJM Hire Co. was founded in Greenfields, Western Australia by a husband and wife duo, Jack and Amy Mulligan. The couple had dreamt of…

Rental Solutions, Inc.

Rental Solutions, Inc. operates in a niche industry, so they were searching for a versatile, flexible, cloud-based rental software that would…

Race Day Events

Race Day Events in Fitchburg, Wisc. needed software that would show them what equipment was committed and where. They’d been…

Spokes Bicycle Rentals

As Vancouver’s favorite bike rental shop, Spokes can get pretty busy. Often, groups will come in to rent bikes, which creates a unique challenge…

Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply

When Wilson’s Rental & Landscape Supply in Lincoln, Maine, started up, the company used cheap online software that seemed to work at first…

Epic Rental & Decor

After purchasing the event rental division of A to Z Rental Center in Eden Prairie, Minn., owners Kim and Jeff Kim knew…

Point of Rental’s Essentials/Expert/Elite AMA!

Join CEO Wayne Harris, Product Innovation Manager John Wooten, and Director of Software Development Evan Fort to hear about what the future holds for Point of Rental and the Essentials, Expert, and Elite products. After a short intro, they’ll be taking your questions and answering as many as possible.

MailChimp: Get Your Message Out

Need to contact a lot of people at once? MailChimp is easy and, depending on how many people you’re sending to, free. You’ll learn to export your email lists from your Point of Rental software, set up an email, and send it off to your customers. We’ll even run through a few metrics you’ll want to look at to improve your emails over time.

Q&A with HAE Leadership

Sean Sebastian and Mark Goodrum talk with HAE’s Graham Arundell about the issues facing Europe’s hire community and the path toward rebuilding after COVID. Your questions welcomed!

Essentials v3.0

Multi-store features. Enhanced maintenance tracking. New, easier-to-read menus. More reporting. There’s a lot more in your Essentials software now; we’ll show you how to use all your new tools.