Hilti ON!Track provides asset tracking software.

Hilti’s ON!Track App Aims to Increase Efficiency

The following is a blog from 2018 Point of Rental International Conference sponsor Hilti, whose ON!Track asset management software helps companies track their assets efficiently.

Digital asset management software is increasingly easy to use and relatively inexpensive to implement. Importantly, cloud-based platforms now keep your data more securely than ever. With the right choice of software and intelligent implementation, it will more than pay for itself very quickly – by cutting expenditure on physical assets, by freeing up staff time for more productive purposes, by eliminating delays on-site and by reducing the likelihood of fines by accidentally failing to comply with regulations.

Hilti ON!Track asset management software helps you stay working and stay productive. They are some of the biggest efficiency killers: Missing assets. Broken tools. Assets that aren’t where they need to be. These problems slow you down — and cost you money. Staying efficient while managing hundreds or thousands of assets is an entire job in and of itself. And it’s another job that we want to make easier.

Hilti is with you from start to finish – and beyond. When you’re ready for simplified asset management, we’re ready to help. We’ll help you analyze, plan, and implement ON!Track for your asset inventory, and we’ll be there for you whenever you need assistance with ongoing customer service and training.

Hilti will help you:


  • Analyze your current process
  • Perform a cost and benefit analysis
  • Review requirements


  • Customize your solution
  • Tag and register your assets
  • Conduct initial training


  • Stay productive with ongoing customer service
  • Get the tools you need with a direct sales team
  • Stay up to date with additional training

To request a consultation, contact an ON!Track pro at 1-866-879-4578, [email protected], or visit the Hilti booth at Point of Rental’s 2018 International Conference.

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