The Front PORch

Welcome to The Front Porch, where host Lauren Jewell sits with Pointers and people throughout the hire industry to find out a little bit about them,
hat makes them tick, and maybe gets some advice for making her way in the hire software industry.

Daniel tells us when he realized he wasn’t going to be a Dallas Cowboy (3:37), shares his resume tips (7:11), and about the time he shot 11 snakes in the head (not a metaphor – 26:18).

Lauren catches up with Albert about his sandwich scheme before hearing from Jeff about his childhood dreams (2:59), his high school soccer stardom (4:15), and which band his dog Jack would be if he were a band (21:04).

We learn about Albert’s meticulously calculated sandwich meal plan (14:48), the reason he carries so many keys (10:40), and marvel at the absurd lengths Lauren goes to for a “last meal” question (25:58).

The former Army “human intelligence collector” tells Lauren about the best meal he’s ever eaten (29:32), Dungeons & Dragons (19:12), and how interrogation techniques are a part of great customer service (9:05).

Point of Rental’s dynamic duo talks about how they met (5:17), the best in-office snack food options (4:20), and their upcoming move to England to join Point of Rental’s Reading office (17:15).