The Front PORch

Welcome to The Front Porch, where host Lauren Jewell sits with Pointers and people throughout the hire industry to find out a little bit about them,
hat makes them tick, and maybe gets some advice for making her way in the hire software industry.

Alexis Brumm is the editor of Rental magazine.

Alexis Brumm, Rental Magazine

Alexis Brumm had covered the construction industry for the better part of a decade before becoming the editor of Rental magazine just as a pandemic …

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Ben Mohorc wears a cowboy hat, as one does when in Texas.

Ben Mohorc, Developer

Oh no! Lauren left the PORch for this episode! We’ll talk to the next-best thing; her now-husband and the reason she’s not a part of …

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Dave Cameron, APAC Regional Director at Point of Rental, goes for a run

Dave Cameron, APAC Regional Director

APAC Director Dave Cameron joins Lauren and Brian on the PORch. They talk about his journey to Point of Rental, what he does in his …

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Earl Sherman sits in a chair among his art and laughs.

Ep. 19 – Earl Sherman

Earl Sherman is the longest-tenured Pointer, having joined the company in 1985. 35+ years later, he’s still helping Point of Rental users get the most …

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Kristian Pisano from his on-air days as a sports journalist.

Ep. 18 – Kristian Pisano

We head down under (figuratively speaking)! Implementation Specialist Kristian Pisano joined us from Australia to talk about his time as a sports journalist. He tells …

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Patrick Kiefer out in a parking lot.

Ep. 17 – Patrick Kiefer

Implementation Specialist Patrick Kiefer joined us on The Front PORch to talk about his short-lived musical career. We also learned about his bobbleheads and what …

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Dante Ramos-Delgado poses for a photo at the softball fields.

Ep. 16 – Dante Ramos-Delgado

Dante Ramos-Delgado, IT Lead Windows Implementation Engineer, fulfilled his childhood goals by becoming an IT Lead here at Point of Rental. How’d he find success …

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Sailesh Kumar at his desk in POR HQ.

Ep. 15 – Sailesh Kumar

Sailesh Kumar, one of Point of Rental’s Elite developers, talks about coming to America, his top museums, and how it was either this, medicine, or …

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