The Front PORch

Welcome to The Front Porch, where host Lauren Jewell sits with Pointers and people throughout the hire industry to find out a little bit about them,
hat makes them tick, and maybe gets some advice for making her way in the hire software industry.

Sailesh Kumar at his desk in POR HQ.

Ep. 15 – Sailesh Kumar

Sailesh Kumar, one of Point of Rental’s Elite developers, talks about coming to America, his top museums, and how it was either this, medicine, or …

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Thomas Choi works at his desk in the office.

Ep. 14 – Thomas Choi

Thomas Choi was born in South Korea and immigrated to the United States with his parents when he was 10. He pursued a musical career …

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ABC Rental in Gulfport, Miss. is owned by David Delk.

David Delk, ABC Rental

It was a dark, gloomy day on the Gulf Coast when we visited ABC Rental Centers on the way to the ARA Show in February …

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Jonathan Ingram sits at his desk.

Ep. 13 – Jonathan Ingram

Jonathan Ingram, one of our Sales Development Representatives, taught us what on earth an SDR is. He helped us upgrade our shoes. He told us …

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A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales' front signage

Vicki and Doug Dickerson, A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales

Vicki and Doug Dickerson run A to Z Equipment Rentals & Sales, one of the 100ish largest rental operations in North America. But how did …

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Mobile Team Lead Matt Gaffin celebrates with some cheese.

Ep. 12 – Matt Gaffin

Matt Gaffin, Point of Rental’s Mobile Team Lead, has packed a lot into his 37 years. He came onto the Front PORch and shared the …

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Sean Sebastian (left) and Graham Arundell (right) on a webinar.

Q & A with Graham Arundell, HAE CEO

Point of Rental’s European Sales Development Manager Sean Sebastian spoke with Hire Association Europe’s CEO, Graham Arundell, on a webinar last week. They discussed the …

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The Front PORch with Lauren Jewell logo

Brad Kniep, Peoria Rentals – Part II

We welcomed Brad back to the PORch because a few things have happened in the world since we last spoke. Fortunately, his plans for 2020 …

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