Get paid faster with automated invoicing.

Easily collect and manage hire payments

Automate your invoicing emails

See who owes you and how much, quickly

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Streamline your hire billing and collections processes to grow your bottom line, faster.

Identify overdue accounts and upcoming due dates to know  who needs to be contacted and what type of messaging to send.
Spend less time on billing by sending regular, automated emails with continuation billing.
Track partial payments and full payments to deliver a professional billing experience.

Stay ahead of the curve with Point of Rental

Billing that fits your business needs and improves your customers’ experience.


Set up templated emails to ship automatically when invoices are due, saving your accounting team time to focus on other things.


Unable to get a customer to pay? You have easy access to their customer information to lock down their account and prevent additional rentals.


Payments automatically show up in your software, affecting your contracts, customer records, reports – anywhere you need to see a payment has been made.