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Rental eSign Deal

At Point of Rental, we want to bring you closer to your customers, even when you’re required to maintain a distance. So for the next three months, Rental eSign is free for those who need it. Install it. Use it. Collect customer signatures remotely – whether out of caution (for now) or convenience (soon). And after three months, you can choose to keep using Rental eSign at the regular price or let your free Rental eSign expire – either way, your first three months + setup are free.

Extended ARA Show Deal

Here are the specials:

  • For current Point of Rental users: 50% off SQL database conversions + 25% off the first year’s maintenance costs to add a module.

  • For businesses converting to Point of Rental: 50% off standard data conversions (up to $4000 value).

Remember, you’ll have to sign official paperwork by August 31, 2020 to get these deals!

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Rental eSign & Webpay Basics

April 9 4:00pm GMT+1
Welcome to the basics of eSign + WebPay! We'll show you how to get the most out of your three months of electronic signatures - how to send them, how to receive them, how to get paid for them, and how to find signed contracts in the system when you're done.

WS Web Solution: Syrinx

April 8th 2:00pm GMT+1
Learn to make the most of Syrinx WS, which gives your customers access to their own portal - this way they can easily see what they have on hire, see documentation, etc. When you know what they have access to, you'll be able to help them find answers without having to call your office, freeing your team to take care of other important things.

Driver App & Scheduler: Syrinx

April 7th 2:00pm GMT+1
We'll show you how to maximise your drivers' efficiency with the Driver App & Scheduler. Includes how to handle driver scheduling and all the features for the road, like checking jobs, taking on-site photos, storing notes, scanning items, etc.

Workshop: Syrinx

April 2 2:00pm GMT+1
When it comes to servicing, inspecting, taking care of off-hire inspections or customer repairs, Workshop helps you keep your engineers organised. We’ll show you how best to use Workshop to speed up your processes.

Tips & Tricks: Syrinx

April 1 2:00pm GMT+1
You’ll learn a lot of shortcuts that will help you navigate through your Syrinx software, saving you time and money when your quotations start pouring in.

Rental eSign

March 31 4:00pm GMT+1
Collect signatures from customers on any document you’d like, anywhere they are, simply by emailing it to them. Documents are stored securely and easily searchable for future record keeping purposes.

VPN and working from home best practices

March 26 2:00pm GMT
We’ll show you the general process for setting up a VPN, allowing your team to access your servers remotely. This information will be useful for Expert, Elite, and Syrinx users. We’ll also add some tips...

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Content Suggestions

Whether it is generic best practices or specific trainings on the software, we would love to hear about what content we can provide to help make you more efficient and effective during this time.

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