COVID-19: Working Together to Overcome a Crisis

Rental eSign Deal

At Point of Rental, we want to bring you closer to your customers, even when you’re required to maintain a distance. So for the next three months, Rental eSign is free for those who need it. Install it. Use it. Collect customer signatures remotely – whether out of caution (for now) or convenience (soon). And after three months, you can choose to keep using Rental eSign at the regular price or let your free Rental eSign expire – either way, your first three months + setup are free.

Extended ARA Show Deal

Here are the specials:

  • For current Point of Rental users: 50% off SQL database conversions + 25% off the first year’s maintenance costs to add a module.

  • For businesses converting to Point of Rental: 50% off standard data conversions (up to $4000 value).

Remember, you’ll have to sign official paperwork by August 31, 2020 to get these deals!

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Create Enjoyable Content

April 29 4:00pm GMT+1
You have some free time and you’d like to create content that will connect you to your community (and hopefully bring in some business). What can you do? What should you consider? We’ll tackle the 5 Ws of content creation. Then, next week, we’ll show you HOW to capitalize on your own content ideas.

Syrinx: Sales App

April 28 2:00pm GMT+1
From creating and evaluating prospects to pricing and closing contracts, all in realtime. We'll show you how your mobile sales team get access the information they need when they need it, with Syrinx Sales App.

Maintaining a Long-Distance (Professional) Relationship

April 24 4:00pm GMT+1
The WFH series continues with tips for successful video meeting management, participation, and appearances, so you don't end up on a viral video.

Syrinx: How to Process Cash Sales

April 24 11:00am GMT+1
Processing cash sales can be quick and easy. However, in scenarios involving a hire or customer repair, things can get a bit more complicated. We'll help you get to grips with this useful function in Syrinx.

Syrinx: Latest Release

April 23 1:00pm GMT+1
Check out new Syrinx features like cross hire servicing reminders and much easier-to-use sales screens that give you availability insights much more quickly.

Keeping Productive and Relatively Sane from Home

April 22 4:00pm GMT+1
Our working-from-home experts teach you how to maximize your home productivity, from "office layout" to scheduling. After all, we're all running our own offices now.

Syrinx: Cross Hires

April 17 12:00pm GMT+1
We’ll show you how to set up Provisional Cross Hire Codes and map these to your suppliers. There are big benefits to your business for exploiting this underutilised function. You’ll also get a sneak peak at the new service reminder feature that has been introduced in the latest release of Syrinx v4.38.2.

Syrinx: Customer Servicing

April 16 12:00pm GMT+1
Are you making the most of the Customer Servicing, Reminders and Inspections features in Workshop? We’ll show you how valuable these can be for ensuring your business runs smoothly.

Digital Transformation of the Rental Industry (and Beyond)

April 16 4:00pm GMT+1
Technology has had (and will continue to have) a huge effect on the rental industry. We'll discuss how we can adapt workflows, processes, and customer experience management to take advantage of current and emerging technologies.

Other Media

Pat Lawlor on the Front PORch.

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Content Suggestions

Whether it is generic best practices or specific trainings on the software, we would love to hear about what content we can provide to help make you more efficient and effective during this time.

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