COVID-19: Working Together to Overcome a Crisis

Rental eSign Deal

At Point of Rental, we want to bring you closer to your customers, even when you’re required to maintain a distance. So for the next three months, Rental eSign is free for those who need it. Install it. Use it. Collect customer signatures remotely – whether out of caution (for now) or convenience (soon). And after three months, you can choose to keep using Rental eSign at the regular price or let your free Rental eSign expire – either way, your first three months + setup are free.

Extended ARA Show Deal

Here are the specials:

  • For current Point of Rental users: 50% off SQL database conversions + 25% off the first year’s maintenance costs to add a module.

  • For businesses converting to Point of Rental: 50% off standard data conversions (up to $4000 value).

Remember, you’ll have to sign official paperwork by August 31, 2020 to get these deals!

Upcoming Webinars


Webinars on Demand


Point of Rental’s Syrinx AMA!

June 26 3:00pm GMT+1
Join CEO Wayne Harris, MD Mark Goodrum, and Product Manager Dan McKenna to hear about what the future holds for Point of Rental, Syrinx, and Syrinx 365. After a short intro, they’ll be taking your questions and answering as many as possible.

Point of Rental’s Essentials/Expert/Elite AMA!

June 25 8:00pm GMT+1
Join CEO Wayne Harris, Product Innovation Manager John Wooten, and Director of Software Development Evan Fort to hear about what the future holds for Point of Rental and the Essentials, Expert, and Elite products. After a short intro, they’ll be taking your questions and answering as many as possible.

How to Write a Contract

June 19 4:00pm GMT+1
Writing a contract is possibly the most fundamental task that rental software performs. We'll show you how to do it properly in Expert/Elite so that you can keep your inventory management (and your schedule) forever accurate.

What’s New: Syrinx v4.38.3

June 18 2:00pm GMT+1
Syrinx version 4.38.3 brings a new integration with RouteSavvy and enhanced functionality in all aspects of a hire business. Now, workshop staff can reschedule jobs easily and add parts or labour costs to closed jobs. eSign allows for signatures on collection or delivery. The Syrinx 365 dashboard allows for direct access to configuration menus and users can add favourites, making common configuration changes easy. It’s even easier to create a set of predefined notes that can be selected on an ad-hoc basis for each industry. See how the new version of Syrinx will benefit your business in this webinar!

MailChimp: Get Your Message Out

June 12 4:00pm GMT+1
Need to contact a lot of people at once? MailChimp is easy and, depending on how many people you're sending to, free. You'll learn to export your email lists from your Point of Rental software, set up an email, and send it off to your customers. We'll even run through a few metrics you'll want to look at to improve your emails over time.

Gettin’ It: POs and Subrentals

June 11 4:00pm GMT+1
Add purchased inventory and non-inventory items. Write subrentals correctly. See how Point of Rental helps you with automatic sequential key creation and more. You'll even learn about ordering items from within repair and customer contracts! Eat your Cheerios and bring your coffee for this one!

Q&A with HAE Leadership

June 10 3:00pm GMT+1
Sean Sebastian and Mark Goodrum talk with HAE's Graham Arundell about the issues facing Europe's hire community and the path toward rebuilding after COVID. Your questions welcomed!

Essentials v3.0

June 2 5:00pm GMT+1
Multi-store features. Enhanced maintenance tracking. New, easier-to-read menus. More reporting. There's a lot more in your Essentials software now; we'll show you how to use all your new tools.

Syrinx: The GDPR Special

May 28 2:00pm GMT+1
Whether you love it or hate it, GDPR is here to stay. Did you know that we’ve included a number of features within your Syrinx software to make keeping on top of the rules easier? We’ll give you a run down of where you can find these and how best to take advantage of them.

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Content Suggestions

Whether it is generic best practices or specific trainings on the software, we would love to hear about what content we can provide to help make you more efficient and effective during this time.

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