George’s Tool Rental


George’s Tool Rental lives by the motto of “Latest Equipment, Classic Service.” They’ve served the Bucks-Mont area in Pennsylvania since 1970, providing tools and equipment for local contractors and do-it-yourselfers. Owner Marty Leber is a second-generation rental store owner, having taken over from her father, Phil, the founder.


GTR’s prior software was “frustrating as all get-out” and every issue was written off as “a glitch.” So Marty began searching for a new rental software at the 2007 ARA Show, asking everyone she could find what software they used.


After hearing from dozens of happy Point of Rental users, she visited the booth, got visited by a salesperson, switched to Point of Rental’s Expert product, and hasn’t looked back.


The transition went seamlessly, with on-site training helping ensure the entire George’s Tool Rental team was on the same page.

“The software itself is very user-friendly,” said Marty. “It makes it very simple and easy to have your employees use it.”

In addition to being easy to use, Point of Rental’s training database helps get her team up to speed. Marty and her team tries new processes and features out without affecting the store’s actual data, allowing for a freedom in training that lets the team learn fearlessly (and more quickly).

Best of all, it works with GTR’s existing software systems.

“The amount of time that was saved in the office [by switching to Point of Rental] was unbelievable,” said Marty. “It’s even integrated with our accounting software – a click of the button every morning and all the data is switched over from the night before.”

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