How to Measure Success

I have read numerous books and heard countless speeches on how to develop a successful business. While these almost always inspire me with new ideas, they have left me pondering what defines success. What should be the leading goal of a business? Of course there are many possible answers to this question, but all too […]

How Future Technology is Revolutionizing the Rental Industry

It’s no surprise that technology is constantly evolving. Even within the last five years, it’s staggering just how much technology has revolutionized the rental industry. We now have integrated RFID technology, GPS and tracking capabilities, Cloud technology, mobile workforce solutions and much more. In the next five years, the advances in the tech space will […]

What Candy Crush* Taught Me about Business

It all started when my nieces convinced me to download this app called Candy Crush*. You might ask what a grown man is doing playing something that sounds like a kids’ game. Well, you should probably also ask the other half billion (with a “b”) people that have downloaded Candy Crush*, as it’s the second most […]

Taking Inventory this Thanksgiving

When I worked at my parents’ rental store, the most dreaded words were, “Wayne, you need to go take inventory.” Of course, in those days, we didn’t have Mobile WorkForce, Inventory Count feature, or tablets with Bluetooth barcode scanners. We also didn’t know about rolling inventory, where you are taking inventory all the time. My dad […]

Essential Lessons From Fitbit You Need To Be Applying In The Workplace

Recently, a friend of mine bought a device for me called a Fitbit. A Fitbit measures the number of steps you take, the distance you walk in a day, the flights of stairs you walk, the amount of sleep you get, and several other things. One of the features of the product is sharing – you can […]

Point of Rental Gives Back!

Earlier this summer, my wife and I went on a mission trip to Guatemala with our church. Our church partners with two private schools there whose goal is to change their country and the world by educating children that live in extreme poverty. But they don’t stop simply with academics. Their mission is to change […]

Should I Hire My Kids?

Summer time is here! The kids are out of school. They have free time to play video games, surf the Internet, chat on Facebook, and harass the neighbors with fire crackers. In fact, they have too much time. Time that could be better spent doing something useful, like working. Hmm…you own a rental store. You […]