Adam Seyedmortaza, Software Engineer Team Lead

Adam Seyedmortaza headshot with background of computer code.

Adam Seyedmortaza has been working on Point of Rental’s software for roughly six years now, working his way up to leading a team of developers. Adam also speaks several non-coding languages and is in the process of automating his house. We talked about what he and his development team are doing today at Point of […]

Jack Baker, Strategic SDR

Jack Baker headshot graphic with name and Point of Rental logo

Jack Baker joined Point of Rental as a regular ol’ Sales Development Representative (SDR) way back when he wasn’t even old enough to consume adult beverages legally in the U.S.  In his time with the company, he’s helped launch Sales Development processes in the UK and Australia without leaving the States, meaning a lot of […]

Rob Warwick, UK Software Support Manager

Rob Warwick headshot graphic

Rob Warwick joined the Point of Rental team just in time for COVID restrictions and a lot of remote work. He visited the Front Porch to talk about his journey from selling insurance to becoming Point of Rental’s UK Software Support Manager, how football/soccer relates to managing a support team, and got some weight-loss tips […]

Joan McKinlay, Customer Success Manager Team Lead

Joan McKinlay headshot on a branded graphic with her name and the Point of Rental logo with a stock photo of a theatre in the background

If you’re one of Point of Rental’s UK-based or European customers, you’ve probably interacted with Joan McKinlay, our Customer Success Manager Team Lead in Reading. In addition to her trip with the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance to Slovakia to support Ukrainian refugees this November (which was shared earlier this month), we talked about what […]

Keeping up with the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance

Plant & Hire Aide Alliance logo on a couple of images of boxes being sent for the convoy to support Ukrainian refugees

This month’s Front Porch guest is Joan McKinlay from our UK office, who participated in the Plant & Hire Aid Alliance‘s recent convoy to Slovakia to provide equipment and supplies to Ukrainian refugees. Since the full episode won’t be shared until after the next Plant & Hire Aid Alliance event takes place, we wanted to […]

Podcast: The #PORIC22 Industry Panel

The PORIC22 Industry Panel onstage at the International Conference in 2022.

In a special edition of The Front Porch, we recorded our Industry Panel session at the 2022 International Conference. Panelists include, in order of appearance: John Hiatt, SitePro Rentals Frances Ellison, Curated Events Michelle Kuenning Bullock, Tates Rents Matt Musgrove, Tejas Equipment Rental We talked about the challenges they’ve seen in the rental industry over […]

Jeremy Mackey, Lead Trainer for Learning & Development

Jeremy Mackey headshot graphic with University of Oklahoma helmets in background

Jeremy Mackey grew up wanting to be a Power Ranger and now he’s delivering lessons and knowledge to Point of Rental users…so, pretty close! We got his backstory, learned what brought him from Oklahoma to Texas and got his fantasy football insights just in time for your drafts (he’s a back-to-back defending fantasy league champion […]

Bridget Otten, American Rental Association

Bridget Otten headshot graphic

Bridget Otten grew up in the Quad Cities and knew she wanted to be in the event-creating industry early in life. Now the ARA’s Director of Meetings and Events, she and her team help create memorable networking events nationwide. We talked about her path to where she is today, played a game of « Otten […]

Sara Wilhite, HR and Payroll Manager

Sara Wilhite, HR and Payroll Manager headshot

Sara Wilhite did, in fact, want to be a HR professional growing up! She shares tales from a life in HR with us on the Front Porch this month. We learned about her karaoke skills and the wide range of music she prefers to perform. We also learned a lot about drug testing, how NOT […]

Samantha Ruttura, Our Rental Pumps

Samantha Ruttura, Our Rental Pumps, headshot

Samantha Ruttura of Our Rental Pumps was born into the construction industry, but found her own niche in the concrete pump rental industry. She talked about growing up on Long Island, how she decided to get into concrete pumping, getting involved in the industry as a whole, and more. We also learned about taking pride […]