Essentials Update: More and Better!

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

June: It’s a great month for cookouts, championship series, and another Rental Essentials update. So what’s new? More integration! Your customers can now log in to the customer storefront via Facebook as well, eliminating the need to create a username and password (and try to remember it). You’ll be able to map out addresses with […]

Rental Essentials Adds Maintenance User Role

Maintenance teams can now use Rental Essentials to manage their repair schedule

Have an employee who’s responsible for managing the maintenance of your store’s equipment? Now there’s a new user role called Maintenance to help make their job easier and reduce confusion among other staff. An employee in the Maintenance user role will see a list of inventory currently in maintenance, be able to add items to […]

Essentials Update: (Limited) Time Travel!

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

Today was a big day for Rental Essentials, as we continue to add features to enhance your rental experience. In fact, there are so many in this edition that we’re breaking the biggest three down in separate blog posts (we’ll add those soon). Here are the other significant upgrades to the software: We added virtual items, which […]

Essentials Update: Contracts Made Easier

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

Our programmers have been working hard to make our customers’ wishes their commands this month. They’re basically genies dressed in business clothes. Good thing we found that lamp! This month’s fulfilled wishes: Subrental abilities. When you overbook an item, you’ll still receive an overbooked warning. But if the transaction is a reservation or an order, […]

Essentials Update: Monthly Rentals, Searches, Colors and Sizes

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

The Rental Show is coming up and we’re packing up the truck on our way to Orlando. Before we go, though, we’ve updated Rental Essentials again, making the program more robust. Here are the highlights: We’ve added a new rental duration option! Monthly rentals allow for full-month rentals instead of basing it on four weeks […]

Essentials Update: Same Day Rentals, Scheduled Maintenance Due

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

It’s donut day in the Point of Rental office, which means that Rental Essentials just got another update! What did our developers come up with this time? Most importantly, we added the ability to set same day rentals. Need your stuff back the same day, and want to charge for the extra day if it’s […]

Rental Essentials is a Cloud Awards Finalist (Again)

Rental Essentials is a Cloud Awards Finalist for its Web Storefront feature.

Our Rental Essentials team started off the new year with the news that their Web Storefront (a first among SaaS-based rental software) is a finalist for The Cloud Awards, a program that rewards the best and most innovative products in the cloud computing industry. Web Storefront enables straightforward rental businesses to provide 24/7 service to […]

Essentials Update Enhances Mobile App

Screenshots of the Essentials mobile app update show the Quick Scan Out and Quick Receive screens.

The Rental Essentials mobile app just got upgraded! Our developers have been hard at work adding functionality and continually improving all our features. If you already have Essentials, all you need to do to see the updates is refresh your browser. With last night’s update, we added two useful elements to the Essentials mobile app. Quick […]

Rental Essentials Adds Zapier Integration

Zapier Logo

Rental Essentials users are receiving an upgrade this week! In a « sprint » of agile programming, our amazing team of developers adds new features every few weeks. Here are some of the features in this « sprint » that Essentials users will be able to use when the upgrade is rolled out to their company. […]

An AV Epiphany: The right inventory management software can change your life!

We’ve all been involved in a scenario where we have upcoming events and are either hoping we have enough gear to cover the upcoming orders or we’re scrambling to fulfill the needs at the last minute. Having worked as part of the set-up/strike crew, an on-site technician, and also as an in-house director for a […]