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Essentials Update: Customizable Contracts+

Rental Essentials now allows you to customize your contracts.

If you’re using Rental Essentials, your software just got updated! Here’s what you can expect to find: We’re adding several customization options to your contracts – you can now choose colors based on RGB format, preview the document and customer front end, and if you’re a .css whiz (or know someone who is), you can […]

Report Finder: Your Friend in Analytics

Report Finder is your new best friend when you're trying to find the data you need.

Adventurers need guides. Readers need librarians. And Point of Rental has so many reports you can run, a user needs someone to help them figure out which report will work best for them. So we created one! We’d like to introduce you to Report Finder in Rental Expert v2018’s NetHelp menu*. Report Finder guides you […]

What’s New: Point of Rental Expert (+Elite) v2018

Point of Rental Expert v2018 is available!

Happy (Software) New Year! Today marks the beginning of Rental Expert v2018 and Rental Elite v2018. As we celebrate our 35th year in the rental software industry, we’re excited to have the opportunity to work with such an innovative, thoughtful customer base. We’ve always listened to your suggestions, but now uInnovate allows us to quantify […]

Customer Service Reigns in Essentials Mini-Update

Rental Essentials' July Mini-Update creates a better customer experience.

Last update, we focused on improving your experience as an Essentials user. In this Essentials mini-update, we’re enhancing the experience for your customers, creating a process that’s as simple and automated as possible. You’ll now be able to get more information than the special requests field used to handle – we’re adding the ability to […]

The new Rental Essentials is 🔥🔥🔥

June's Essentials Update includes transaction tagging and several other UI and UX improvements.

Rental Essentials’ new updates are all about the user experience, making our cloud-based software more accessible, easier to use, and overall a more delightful part of your workday. You might notice some new icons in the Workbench. That’s because we’ve added multi-byte characters throughout the app, allowing you to use them in reports and tags. […]

Essentials Update: It’s *sniff* Beautiful!

Essentials' April 2018 update offers solutions for when customers add complications to your contracts.

Ah, spring. It’s nature’s time of abundance, variety, and reproduction, as those of us with allergies are familiar with. And when you add variety (like multiple payment methods on one contract, payments that need to be assigned to multiple contracts, etc.) in the rental world, that, like pollen, can give you a headache and make […]

Essentials Update: CounterSign, Multi-Transaction Invoices

CounterSign heads this update of Rental Essentials.

In addition to big projects, like CounterSign, which will enable you to run your front counter paperlessly, the Rental Essentials team is always listening to our customers to see how we can make your rental dreams happen. Through our feedback management tool, uInnovate, Essentials users told us that they wanted to see multi-transaction invoices to […]

Essentials Update: Account Customers + Xero Integration

Rental Essentials Update Day graphic

It’s donut day here at Point of Rental, and that means one thing: The new version of Rental Essentials is out, and our customers got some pretty sweet things of their own last night. Customers asked and our programming team delivered – Essentials now supports account customers, giving you the ability to support a credit […]

Rental Expert Solves More in 2017

Rental Expert solves more in version 2017, which was released this past week.

As you’ve seen so far this year, our team has been working hard at building industry-leading technology such as Rental eSign and the Inspection App. The best innovations, however, are often found in the details that make our software more efficient and easier to use. As our customers make suggestions to enhance their day-to-day operations, […]

Essentials Update: Mobile Payments + Donation Tracking

Rental Essentials' New Features Image

Good news heading into the weekend for our Rental Essentials customers: Your software just got upgraded! Some of the new features you’ll enjoy: Mobile Payments Payments are now more portable, allowing you to finish contracts away from the counter. Our U.S. customers can take payments on any mobile device with Cayan Genius Mini. The Genius […]