Go Paperless: Why and How

Want to go paperless?

At nearly every rental industry event over the past couple of years, there’s a seminar or class or even maybe just a supplier, at their booth, trying to convince you: Go paperless! But why should you go paperless? And even if you decide that now’s a great time to make some changes to the way […]

Rental Software, Your Professional Conflict Manager

rental software helps facilitate resolution of rental conflict; a rental store owner is shown giving keys over to a contractor happily

There are two things we know about customers that have caused a lot of damage to an expensive item: It’s never their fault and they’re willing to argue about it for a long time. As a rental store owner, you’re constantly weighing whether it’s worth the effort – both in time and money – to […]

Why Move Your Rental Business Into the Cloud?

Why Move Into the Cloud? title text with clouds in the foreground and a server rack in the background.

OK, you get it. Point of Rental (or even another rental software company) has convinced you that rental software is going to help your business in innumerable ways. Maybe you even already have rental software running your operations today. Why would you want to switch from a perfectly good on-premise solution that you bought years […]

6 Reports to Help You Build Your Rental Business

6 Reports to Build Your Rental Business with man in front of reports graphic

Every rental software has some type of built-in reporting. And every rental business has their own reports that they want to see. But some reports are more useful than others. We talked to one of our in-house experts, John Wooten (our Elite Product Manager and the former CEO of All-Star Rents), about the reports he […]

Pour rester en contact durant la quarantaine : Rental eSign gratuit

Rental eSign GRATUIT pendant 3 Mois

FORT WORTH – Point of Rental Software met gratuitement à disposition des sociétés de location, quel que soit leur plateforme logicielle, sa solution de signature électronique Rental eSign pour une période de 90 jours. Les frais d’installation sont eux aussi offerts, et aucune information de paiement n’est requise. Durant la pandémie du coronavirus, il s’agit d’une […]

2019 Q3 Expert/Elite Updates: Software So Efficient It Sees the Future

Expert/Elite Q3 updates image - computer monitor and orange/red colors.

Starting in 2019, Rental Expert and Elite adopted sprint updates to ensure our software is always the most innovative, feature-filled rental software available. Because updates are coming every couple weeks, we’re going to highlight a few items each quarter to show our progress – if you’re using versions 2018 or 2019, you can find all […]

Rental Essentials Update: Purchase Orders +

Purchase Orders are now possible in Point of Rental!

The next edition of Rental Essentials is available! Our development team has been busy in the lab, adding features to ensure Essentials is continuing to delight you with its capabilities. Now you can add bulk items to your inventory with Purchase Orders – the system will store vendor information for easy re-orders. You’ll also be […]

Behind the Magic: How Electronic Signatures Work

Electronic signatures are typically more secure than traditional pen-and-paper methods.

The world’s business gets done digitally, and the rental counter is no exception. Electronic signature capturing devices and PDFs have replaced paper contracts and terms and conditions sheets. Easily searchable databases have replaced Byzantine filing systems in back rooms. These processes have saved rental businesses countless hours and resources by reducing printing costs, filing time, […]

Essentials Update: New Features Springing Up

It’s not just flowers and small animals springing up as the weather gets warmer – Rental Essentials is adding new features! If you don’t put your entire inventory on your website and you’d like to make people aware that there are additional products available, you can set a popup message to show up in your […]