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There’s enough to worry about when you’re renting and running a Do It Best store. Point of Rental takes away your worries. Our software manages your rental inventory, tracks it, helps you maintain it, and gives you the information you need to create great rental experiences, every time.

Add items to contracts on the fly
Sell missing or damaged items with a click

RFID/barcode integration for speedy check in/out

Process Rental Contracts
in Realtime

Automate processes that burn resources like time and paper. Our software features real-time contract processing, so contract changes are seen instantly in the warehouse or on the lot. Filled orders are updated instantly and counter staff can see when they’re complete. With RFID and barcode integration, you can even automatically scan in items instead of hand-counting everything.

Know Your Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of any business, but it’s especially true in rental. Our software helps connect you with your customers by tracking the items they rent most, when they like to rent them, where they have them delivered, and how to get in touch with them. You’re able to get important messages to your customers even before they’re asking for information, building a foundation of trust.
Track your most consistent customers
Identify customers that you haven’t heard from in a while
Manage discount programs for repeat customers
100+ reports, indexed and explained
Report accessibility determined by leadership
Data-driven decision-making

Understand Your Business

Managing the day-to-day tasks is a critical part of rental software – we one-up that by providing the data that helps your business grow year-over-year. With detailed statistics and tracking of key performance indicators like ROI, item profitability, maintenance costs, etc., you’ll be able to make well-informed decisions when you’re determining what your business will be in the future.

More Apps, More Power

Rental eSign

Capture and store digital signatures on any document at a rate structure designed for hire companies.


Rent 24/7 with smart locker technology. Self-service rental, rental on demand, and after-hours parts pickups.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Of course we think we’re wonderful; every company does. We’ve provided rental management solutions for 35+ years to thousands of companies. Here’s what they have to say! 

A Partner for the Life of Your Business

Point of Rental Software has been around for more than 35 years. We’ve grown from a software developed for our own rental store to the worldwide brand we are today. We are where we are because we care about our customers and we work to empower them to be successful.
Because of that principle, we are committed to innovation – we’ve won seven consecutive Innovative Product Awards from RER for a reason. That innovation keeps our customers ahead of their competition and frees up their time to suggest further improvements. In 2020, we added 100+ user suggestions to the software. What will Point of Rental be able to handle in the future? That could be up to you.

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