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Chart a Path to Higher Profits with Telematics

The following is a blog from 2019 Point of Rental International Conference sponsor Trackunit, whose telematic solutions and customer portal helps rental businesses communicate with their customers and their equipment more efficiently.

Companies that use telematics to change the way they operate and improve their services enjoy a higher financial performance. Data is an important asset and provides a tremendous amount of insight into the value you can create in your business. Strategic collaboration, communication and coordination with a proven and trusted telematics company is key. 

Trackunit and Point of Rental have partnered to enable businesses relying on equipment to perform jobs more efficiently. The partnership enables better customer service, opens communication and allows for transparency. Our combined systems will show statuses of on-and off-rent equipment, when it is delivered, called off rent and when it’s ready for delivery. Everything is visible. 

Trackunit telematics gives you new, data-driven understanding of your machines to increase efficiency and reduce downtime. The technology plays a very important part of day-to-day operations and decision-making, allowing you to extract the maximum value during the lifetime of your machine and keep your equipment running at top condition. 

Trackunit can solve many big issues and relieve pain points. Here are just a few: 

  • Telematics enables equipment problems to be diagnosed remotely, reducing downtime. Service personnel arrive equipped with the right parts and appropriate tools for the job. 
  • Telematics can provide a black box-style of tracking, playing a large role in analyzing health and safety incidents. You have a complete record of equipment use and service. 
  • Predictive Operations – by extracting machine data and making it transparent in the workflow, telematics will be able to overcome lost construction hours due to unforeseen downtime, service errors and supply chain problems. 

Technology saves time and money and is changing the future of the industry with services that connect the entire ecosystem.

How can Point of Rental make an impact on your business? 
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