The Dirty Little Secrets of Business Intelligence: Building a Data Culture

A person points to a computer monitor to show another person something on the screen.

The following blog is from enVista BI, a platinum sponsor of Point of Rental’s 2022 International Conference. Learn more about them at their website or by attending this year’s conference. Like many complex information technology (IT) programs, an effective business intelligence (BI) program requires a purposeful combination of people, process and technology. When one considers […]

Ep. 12 – Matt Gaffin

Mobile Team Lead Matt Gaffin celebrates with some cheese.

Matt Gaffin, Point of Rental’s Mobile Team Lead, has packed a lot into his 37 years. He came onto the Front PORch and shared the absurd amount of activities he was involved in as a kid, from baseball to figure skating. He discussed his dalliance with opera singing (and sang some for us!). He told […]

Q & A with Graham Arundell, HAE CEO

Sean Sebastian (left) and Graham Arundell (right) on a webinar.

Point of Rental’s European Sales Development Manager Sean Sebastian spoke with Hire Association Europe’s CEO, Graham Arundell, on a webinar last week. They discussed the coronavirus, how national and local governments can help the hire and rental industry in the UK, and the future of training in Europe. For more interviews with Pointers and industry […]

Brad Kniep, Peoria Rentals – Part II

The Front PORch with Lauren Jewell logo

We welcomed Brad back to the PORch because a few things have happened in the world since we last spoke. Fortunately, his plans for 2020 involved a key shift that has helped Peoria and Morton Rentals navigate the pandemic. We learned how coronavirus has affected those plans (Spoiler alert: It wasn’t super beneficial). And by […]

Brad Kniep, Peoria Rentals – Part I

The Front PORch with Lauren Jewell logo

Brad Kniep from Peoria Rentals invites us to visit his grandma for his favorite sandwich. He talks about both of his families – his rental family and his wife and eight kids. Finally, he tells us why he thinks the rental industry is so much more collegial than other industries. In Part II next week, […]

Ep. 11 – Taylor Dees

Taylor Dees holds his hand-built guitar during our first web-based Pointer podcast.

IT Specialist extraordinaire Taylor Dees shares the sounds of his guitar. He shares the story of his recent engagement. He even fills us in on his time renting computers, and how that got him to Point of Rental. And we know what you’re thinking: We’re pretty sure the mustache is an isolation-only thing. Does the […]

Closing Phone Deals with John Wooten

John Wooten shares phone sales tips with Brian Beaudry.

John Wooten, former CEO of All Star Rents and current Product Innovation Manager at Point of Rental, gives his three simple tips for getting your team to close more phone deals. Resources: Here’s Josh Nickell’s blog that John referenced. Here’s the eSign & Pay deal he referenced. If you’d like to hear from someone – […]

Mastering the Close in Three Steps

Josh Nickell - Mastering the Close in 3 Steps

Point of Rental cares about the rental industry and its success. So in our blog, we’re going to do a better job of tapping into our 600+ years of in-store experience on our staff. We’re going to work with our worldwide customer base to get blog content that will benefit everyone – not just Point […]

Handling COVID – John Wooten

The Front PORch with Lauren Jewell logo

Guest host Sean Sebastian and our Product Innovation Manager, John Wooten, mine John’s 35+ years of rental industry experience. John uses his time as a CEO during the 2008 recession to make suggestions for rental businesses during the current economic situation. The Rental eSign offer mentioned in this episode is available for a limited time. […]

Keeping Us Together During Quarantine: Free Rental eSign Offer

free rental esign available for three months from Point of Rental

We’re all maintaining a little more distance from one another these days. At Point of Rental, we want to bring you closer to your customers (figuratively speaking, of course). We’re also known for our digital solutions that help rental businesses operate effectively, at a distance. And we’d like to share one with you: For the […]