Star Rentals Increases Customer Satisfaction


Star Rentals, the 51st largest rental store in the US and the largest on the Pacific coast, was using an aging system that had not been updated for over nine years. The system didn’t provide any functions to email their customers or other innovative features to keep up with their growing business and inventory.


The company selected Point of Rental Software as its primary point of sale system and is now able to consistently communicate with customers. They have also benefited from the website integration that updates in real-time and provides customers easy access to their inventory. “Our customer communication has been streamlined, saving time within our office and allowing us to provide better customer service with a click of the button, it’s so easy,“ said Gary Anderson, of Star Rentals. “The software release updates have been incredible along with [Point of Rental’s] customer service, they are always there, even when I have called late at night,” he added.


Star Rentals has merely seen the tip of the iceberg as for how updated technology can enhance their overall business. However, the key issues they faced regarding customer communication has been resolved. “Since working with Point of Rental Software, the ability to have all of our customers get emails on a regular basis was incredible. We didn’t have to do anything but get an email address and push a button and it happens,” Anderson said. “The amount of inventory you can have, the number of reports you can run on it, mass database change, data management, there are so many things you can do with inventory and then tracking the reports, the analysis, it’s a full suite of products. It’s a great product and has made our lives easier and our customers lives easier and that is what we really want.”

"We've been a customer of Point of Rental since 2004. The conversion was incredible. It was amazing. All of the data came through beautifully. "

Gary Anderson

Star Rentals