Point of Rental Software used by Camden Hire


Camden Hire, with locations in New South Wales, Australia, provides a vast range of equipment in the building, excavation, landscape and development industries together with DIY and household customers. They needed to be able to communicate easily between branches and track inventory in real-time. They were also in need of knowing where their transport was at all times. Their team provides impeccable customer service to customers and wanted a partner that would be able to grow with them over the next 20 years to ensure they could continue to service their customers in the same way they have become accustomed.


Point of Rental Expert Software provided an all-in-one solution. A complete rental management system for Camden Hire’s advanced rental operations, the software not only handles general rental transactions with quotes, contacts, reoccurring billing and dispatch routing, but it also provides a service module that integrates with TSO Mobile. Utilizing a GPS unit within every service truck, this feature collects and reports data, allowing Camden Hire to track all routes. Providing a geo time stamp with latitudinal/longitudinal coordinates, it specifies when a truck will be delivering to a customer and can alert that customer prior to arrival. Because Point of Rental Expert Software updates contracts in real-time, it allows the entire team at Camden Hire to see changes regardless of which branch they are located within as it can also be seen with any mobile device or tablet. Randall Twine, Sales at Camden Hire stated, “Point of Rental Software is very detailed. It allows us to save quotes within the system and have it visible for the other staff members. In the past we weren’t able to do so, and being in sales, this is a very good thing.”


Now, the entire team at Camden Hire has the visibility to see all updates in real-time. The ability to communicate between branches has created efficiency; and knowing where transport is at all times is critical for the success of their business. Mark Scarce, General Manager at Camden Hire, stated, “The [Point of Rental] staff is very knowledgeable. They are from the industry and know the rental industry. Every facet of the transition has gone unbelievably smooth. We have found a partner that shares our values of honesty and integrity in our partnership with Point of Rental. My advice to other guys looking for software would be: ‘Talk to Point of Rental!’”

"My advice to other companies if they were looking for software, would definitely be to talk to the guys at Point of Rental."

Mark Scarce

Camden Hire